What's it for?

You can't rely on the defaults. Each individual PC’s Internet Explorer default print attributes such as printer, paper, margins, header and footer strings, orientation, etc. may be chosen and changed by its user and may be different.

This means that the printing of your document will probably be wrong; the wrong printer, the wrong paper, the wrong margins, or any or all of the above!

ScriptX from MeadCo provides controlled and consistent printing from Internet Explorer on Windows.

You want to be in control and with ScriptX you can be. 100%.

ScriptX has been developed to provide absolute control over printing operations from local or remote computers running Internet Explorer on Windows. It is an essential browser add-on for large-scale organisations and corporate clients who need to print content correctly for every user.

Scriptx is currently being used by developers around the world to ensure that the printing by their users of HTML and PDF forms, prescriptions, legal documents, financial documents, wristbands, barcodes, labelling, ticketing and more is spot-on correct every time. ScriptX is also available to enable standardised printing to be initiated from mobile devices.


A basic ScriptX printing subset giving limited control is available from MeadCo free of charge.

The advanced capabilities of ScriptX give 100% control and are available for an annual license fee. The standard package is $1,000 (less than $3 per day), irrespective of the number of users.

The annual license entitles users to unlimited email support 24/7, and access to new versions of the software as and when released. Full reference guides and advice are available online.

Our Promise

The MeadCo Promise guarantees continued support for ScriptX on Windows to licensees, even when Microsoft introduces newer versions and updates.

It's been a while

ScriptX has been available as a browser add-on since 1998 and is currently installed on many millions of Windows machines. MeadCo’s user-centric publishing licenses have proved to be 100% functional and secure over nearly twenty years of wide-scale corporate deployment.