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A basic set of capabilities are available at no cost. Advanced capabilities are available with costs that start at less than $3 per day regardless of user numbers.

Printing HTML documents

  • ScriptX applies a document author's desired attributes -- header, footer, margins, orientation etc. -- at the time of printing browser window or framed content, but then automatically restores all default settings and makes no other permanent changes.
  • ScriptX offers a broad choice of printing options, including the ability to target (where known) a particular printer, paper source and paper type & size for simplex or duplex printing.
  • ScriptX also enables the printing of documents stored in remote locations, which can be queued for downloading and printing without having to be rendered in the user's browser.
  • As part of server-side licensing ScriptX enables the printing of browser-entered data to be initiated from any mobile device with a web browser.


Printing PDF Files

ScriptX provides a high degree of programmatic control over the printing of web-based Adobe Acrobat documents through Microsoft Internet Explorer clients within the enterprise. No Adobe software is required on the client machine. More ...


Direct (Raw) Printing

ScriptX allows printing to programmable devices such as thermal label and bar code printers by sending strings of control codes directly to the printer from directly within the browser hosted web application. More ...


Enhanced Formatting

Provides print formatting capabilities - such as text and graphics in HTML headers and footers - that are significantly more flexible and powerful than Internet Explorer's standard offering. More...


Easy to deploy and use

Deployment of ScriptX to client PCs follows the pattern for any Internet Explorer add-on and is generally simple. We provide for a range of scenarios.

The client side use of ScriptX is by scripting to the available API. For example, the following code shows free/basic usage to apply headers and footers, printing in landscape orientation and provide a button for the user to click to start the print of the document:

<!-- MeadCo ScriptX -->
<object id="factory" style="display:none"
  codebase="http://[your path here]/smsx.cab#Version=8,0,0,56
<script src="/scripts/jquery-1.5.1.min.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
<script src="/scripts/meadco-scriptx-1.0.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
<script type="text/javascript">
   $(function () {
     if (MeadCo.ScriptX.Init()) {
       MeadCo.ScriptX.Printing.header = 
          "MeadCo's ScriptX&b:&p of &P:&bBasic Printing Sample";
       MeadCo.ScriptX.Printing.footer = 
          "The de facto standard for advanced web-based printing";
       MeadCo.ScriptX.Printing.orientation = "landscape";
       $("#btnprint").click(function() { 

Use cases

Client side printing (PC)

ScriptX is built to deliver enterprise-class performance. Hundreds of thousands of business critical documents are printed using ScriptX every day. Users include FTSE100/Fortune 500 companies, central and local government, healthcare providers, the military, financial services companies, logistics businesses and many other companies and institutions. Over 2 billion ScriptX-enabled documents are printed every year by over 2 million licensed users.

ScriptX is used within a variety of business critical scenarios, including:

  • Internally for intranet printing
  • Printing labels, including patient IDs, shipping/sample labels and prescriptions
  • Externally for website visitors
  • Invoicing
  • External content such as banking kiosks 
  • Consignment notes and other logistics documentation for the shipping and warehousing industry
  • Customer letters and communications
  • Licenses, loyalty cards and event badges
  • Receipts 
  • Legal forms
  • Mobile device-initiated printing for tickets, badges and patient wristbands with server side licensing.

A basic subset of ScriptX printing functionality -- header & footer settings, printed orientation, coarse control of margins and a browser window/frame printing command -- is available at no charge, and is freely distributable. Advanced printing functionality is not free. ScriptX-enabled documents need to refer to a valid publishing license in order for advanced printing to work.

Server side / remote printing

ScriptX Server side / remote printing is used in many similar scenarios to that with client side printing; shipping labels, invoices, greeting cards etc.

Extending ScriptX to mobile device-initiated printing (remote) can increase efficiency, cuts waste, reduces queues and improves customer satisfaction. Potential use cases include:

  • Printing event badges or travel documents without attendees needing to wait at the check in desk.
  • Speeding up patient processing, by taking details from patients as they enter a surgery or hospital, and then using them to create wristbands and other documentation.
  • Improving logistics workflow by faster printing of labels or shipping information, initiated from the warehouse floor or shipping bay.

For more information, see our video demonstration.

Where next?


A Resource Kit containing the 'free' control and a link to an evaluation publishing license which will let you test all of ScriptX' advanced capabilities from file:// or from http://localhost/ is available from the Download area. Existing licensees can also download and deploy the latest build from the Download area at no additional charge.