Amiee Lynn Inc. New York
Amiee Lynn is a leading fashion accessories company, based in New York. It uses ScriptX to print small barcode labels that attach to the tags of showroom samples. Amiee Lynn needed a way to print the barcodes on the labels from their intranet, without headers and footers appearing, but they did not want to remove the header and footer from all printing from web pages.

Jon DeVito, CTO/CIO at Amiee Lynn, Inc., said: “We needed something that was seamless to the user. ScriptX was very easy to install and highly customisable. It gives us central control of specific printing options on our intranet.”

Amiee Lynn has been using ScriptX for six years and has found MeadCo’s client support team always to be very quick in providing a solution to any problems. The company had tried other print solutions before turning to ScriptX but none was found to be as easy to implement in a way that was transparent to the user. ScriptX has increased company productivity by removing the need to retype information in a label software.