TrustCommerce, USA
US-based company TrustCommerce is the leader in electronic commerce payment processing and security. TrustCommerce delivers fast, secure and reliable payment processing and risk management services to companies of all sizes across America.

As one of its services, TrustCommerce provides a Virtual Terminal, which allows merchants to process payments through a web browser. ScriptX allows merchants to automatically print traditional-style receipts when a transaction completes.

Brett Pippert, Software Engineer, TrustCommerce, said: “We use ScriptX to control headers, footers, page width, multiple copies and automatic printing for our transaction receipts. It standardizes our receipts and allows for easy printing using receipt printers, without the traditional web browser headers and footers appearing. ScriptX has significantly reduced the overhead involved in printing receipts, reducing the overall transaction time and increasing customer satisfaction. ”

Having evaluated other options, TrustCommerce has been using ScriptX since 2008 and found it easy to install. For TrustCommerce, the single outstanding benefit of ScriptX is the automatic print-job starting.