United Shades, Italy
Based in Italy, but with a strong international accent, United Shades deals mainly in eyewear products, for men, women and children. United Shades was established in 1997, when e-commerce was still at its inception, with the aim of delivering Italian fashion sunglasses worldwide, directly to people's doors. Today, United Shades is an international re-seller of eyeglasses and sunglasses of the most famous and popular manufacturers.

United Shades uses ScriptX to streamline the creation and printing of documents, reports and labelling, necessary in everyday routine. These include product inventories, through custom labelling; customers’ orders, through labelling of shipping items and airway bills; documents needed for inbound and outbound merchandise, from and to suppliers; and invoicing.

Massimiliano Meloni, Owner of Ottica Meloni Dot Com srl, which trades as United Shades, said: “Productivity has been improved considerably with Scriptx. It allows us to make seamless a number of procedures involving creation of printed documents, which have to be integrated with other larger procedures. These include order management, shipping documents creation, batch invoicing, creation of custom labels to track inventory, etc.”

Having not found anything similar that works at the same level, United Shades has now been using ScriptX for at least 10 years. Mr Meloni commented: “We found ScriptX simple to install and easy to integrate with the programming language used. We have only needed to contact MeadCo a very few times for small issues but have always received a satisfactory reply within hours.”