Summary of What's New

A full listing of the release of ScriptX versions and the modifications they contained is available on the ScriptX History page.

The Quick Guide to the lastest release provides a brief introduction to the latest release and links to the relevant detailed documentation.


The ScriptX 8.1 release provides support for ScriptX.Services implementations and some fixes to factory.printing.PrintHTML().


ScriptX 8 introduces separation of installers for Enhanced PDF Printing and supports Internet Explorer 11 only. If you require to continue support for earlier versions of Internet Explorer then continue to use ScriptX 7.7 which continues to be maintained but not actively developed.


ScriptX 7.7 introduced validation of license files that does not rely on the OS Root CA list being up to date or active Internet connection. If this is of interest to you please contact our support department.


ScriptX 7.6 is a required update for working with Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 10 and also brings together all the bug fixes made since the release of ScriptX 7.5.0.


Maintenance release accumulating all hotfixes since v7.4.0.8.

This release is a strongly recommended update for users of the x64 Edition and those users with issues accepting newly issued licenses.


This release is a required update for correct working with Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 7 and Windows 8.1. Enhanced Protected Mode is fully supported.

This release fixes a number of issues with the 7.3 release. Please upgrade if you have installed v7.3 or are using Internet Explorer 11 (on any platform).


This release is a required update for correct working with Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 7 and Windows 8.1. Enhanced Protected Mode is fully supported.

A significant performance improvement has been made when documents require scaling to fit with IE 8 and later.

Performance improvements and bug fixes have also been made in Enhanced PDF Printing along with the ability to print lists of pages.

License Manager has been simplified and improved while at the same time providing more information that will be useful when trying to resolve licensing issues.


ScriptXtra plug-in for NPAI compatible browsers (e.g. Chrome and Firefox).


A new API for accessing shared printers not listed in the Printers collection in Control Panel, new APIs for accessing version information, new APIs for obtaining a persistent unique ID and improved dialogs from security manager that provide clearer information and guidance to users.

Fully compatible with Internet Explorer 10. Please see the knowledge base article for details on suport for Windows 8.


Introduces Enhanced formatting for users with IE 8 and later - previously known as MaxiPT (still available), enhanced formatting brings multiline headers and footers to standards based documents.

The background print APIs (printHTML and BatchPrintPDF) now have variants providing progress callbacks.

From v7 onwards, ScriptX uses Windows Installer for installation of components for everyone - ScriptX is now always removed via Add/Remove programs.

Corporate Edition is now known as Licensed Edition. Resource kits have been streamlined.


ScriptX v6.6 introduces a 64-bit Edition for x64 systems and controlled printing of PDF documents with the licensed Corporate 32-bit Edition of ScriptX. ScriptX v6.6 also includes support for Internet Explorer 9.

ScriptX 6.6 is a required upgrade for correct operation with IE9.


ScriptX v6.5 and later fully supports IE8 on all supported platforms (Windows 2000 and later). ScriptX 6.5 is a required upgrade for correct operation with IE8.

In support of IE8 one new property has been added: headerFooterFont. Note that scale to fit and print background colours functionality was already included with ScriptX.

A number of problems have also been resolved, including an issue with the SetPageRange() method. Our documentation has been updated to better describe its behaviour.


ScriptX v6.4 and later no longer support Windows 9x/NT. For maintenance support of these operating systems, please see ScriptX win9xNT/NT Maintainance Mode Binaries.


Version 6,3,436 introduces the ability to send raw text to an attached printer. The text is not rendered to the printer, it is interpreted by the printer. This is useful in scenarios such as controlling a thermal label printer. For more information, see rawPrinting.


From the first build of this version onwards, ScriptX comes in a single signed CAB - In addition to fixes for a number of issues, this release introduces improvements for application licenses and the ability to install license updates without requesting permission from the user (this willonlyoccur for updates of an already accepted license).

Two new methods are introduced to provide additional control over the behaviour of the new IE 7 style template. These methods require a publishing license:

* SetPreviewZoom - provides control over the zoom factor used on print preview. * SetPrintScale - provides control over the scaling used when printing.


Version 6.3 provides support for Internet Explorer 7 on Windows XP and Windows Vista; v6.3 is required on the IE 7 platform ... previous versions of ScriptX are not compatible.

This release includes a new print template that provides the same functionality as that within Internet Explorer 7 - scale to fit printing by default and enhanced print preview with draggable margins and switchable headers. This template is available for all versions of Internet Explorer from v5.5 so, whilst your users may be running anything from IE 5.5 onwards, you can give them all a consistent print experience.

The use of the new template is optional - by default ScriptX will use the default template for the platform (IE5.5 style on IE 5.5/IE 6 and IE 7 style on IE7. The particular template required can be specified in script using the templateUrl property or may be specified as a parameter to the ScriptX object.

Frames can now be previewed. This was a MaxiPT only feature but is now also included in the Advanced licensed feature set for ScriptX.

A code review has been undertaken with this release, with APIs checked for behaviour and consistency. This has resulted in some cases where in previous releases a property/method would not report an error when an error occurred - errors are now reported. This may necessitate changes to script code if it was assumed that code would run without error.


Version 6.2 introduced the printerControl, Jobs and Job objects to provide detailed information about the available printers and control of the print queue for a printer. The use of methods that control the print queue requires that the user has administrator rights on the printer.

Also included in this version was an extension of the MeadCo licensing scheme to provide a usable distribution model and allow the use of ScriptX within desktop applications.