QiQ Communications
Established in 1998, QiQ Communications is a technology business serving customers in over seventy countries. One of QiQ Communications’ main areas of business is hybrid mail, where they transform the customer’s digital data into physical letter items for distribution.

QiQ Communications uses ScriptX to control header, footer and margin settings when printing from Internet Explorer.

Paul Hamlington, Technical Director, QiQ Communications, said: “We have been using ScriptX for quite a long time, since 2002. We use it for consistency, to standardise header and footer information and to set and control margins across all our global printing partners. We use ScriptX to print all types of letters that our customers send to us, so that the printing format is consistent across our international network.”

Regarding the impact of ScriptX on productivity, Paul Hamlington commented: “It saves partners wasting time clearing headers and footers and setting margins every time they print, which is every day. So it has helped considerably. While it is hard to measure cost benefit, ScriptX gives us peace of mind that consistency across our global network is correct, and we don't have to rely on partners putting settings in every time they print; it saves time, which converts to cost.”

QiQ Communications actively purchased a licence for ScriptX in 2002. After looking into a variety of methods to control printing from a browser, ScriptX turned out to be the most practical for the company’s needs. They found the original setup of ScriptX to be relatively straightforward and have just had to make a few tweaks over the years. Paul Hamlington describes QiQ’s relationship with MeadCo as enjoyable, finding the team to be friendly and flexible.

Paul concluded: “ScriptX is capable of far more than we use it for.”