Martha Gregory & Associates
Martha Gregory & Associates is the second largest firm of dieticians and food management professionals in the United States. It provides clinical nutrition services and food management services for health care facilities, businesses, corporations, physician groups and individuals. Headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, it employs more than 50 Registered Dietitians, Certified Dietary Managers, and Food Service Management professional and serves clients throughout the continental United States and Canada.

Martha Gregory & Associates uses ScriptX as part of its WebMenuPlus application, which provides menus, recipes, production and purchasing for its customers running foodservice operations in the healthcare and hospitality markets. In healthcare it provides patient/resident specific modifications to the menus and recipes, to ensure that they receive the correct personal nutrition.

The company’s 2,100 customers are located throughout the US and Canada and rely on WebMenuPlus to create menus, traycard receipts and meal labels, which they then print locally. ScriptX ensures that this browser-based content is printed consistently, efficiently and without errors or waste, whatever the settings on the end user PC or browser. Every user prints over 1,000 pages every month, making a total of 25.2 million pages printed using ScriptX every year across the Martha Gregory & Associates customer base. And by using ScriptX’s Enhanced Formatting option customers can personalise the header and footer of every document so that it matches their own corporate branding and house style.

“ScriptX has helped WebMenuPlus achieve significant penetration in the healthcare market - from being a local entity we have grown nationally and now internationally,” said Joe Venezia, Vice President, Martha Gregory & Associates. “By allowing us to keep content in HTML and script the printing/previewing and scaling of documents in a lightweight, scalable fashion, we have been able to develop our system in a rapid timeframe and help our customers manage a mission critical part of their business. Enhanced formatting gives our customers control of how their content appears, reinforcing their branding on every document they print.”