I am trying to print from a website using your control and it doesnt work, help!!

Our print control is used in so many different ways its impossible in an FAQ to give you proper help. In the first instance, please contact the owner of the web site for their assistance.

My users are unable to accept our ScriptX Printing license, they get the error Code 800C0006.

If your license file is served from IIS on Windows Server 2003/2008 then this error can occur because IIS on these systems IIS will only serve files with types that have registered MIME types.To resolve the issue, define a MIME type for the ".mlf" file type (application/octet-stream is recommended).

How do I upgrade to the latest version of ScriptX

All our binaries are free to deploy enabling you to take advantage of fixes and improvements as you need them.

  • If you are an end-user of ScriptX, please use our Upgrade page.
  • If you are a licensee, please sign-in to your My MeadCo account and download the Licensee Resource Kit from there.
  • If you are a developer using the free functionallity of ScriptX, please download the lastest ScriptX Client Resource kit - see our Knowledge Bank page for details on release and hotfix versions.

How can I completely remove ScriptX from a machine?

For versions 7.0 and later or ScriptX Corporate Edition v6, use Control panel, Add/Remove programs (or Uninstall a program on Windows 7).

For earlier versions of ScriptX installed via smsx.cab or smsx.exe, please download the latest Client Resource Kit, install it and then locate the ScriptX Clean Tool.

On Windows XP and earlier you must be logged on with full local computer administrator privileges before running the tool. For Windows Vista and later with UAC enabled, you will be asked to allow the tool to run.

Can all the code shown in the samples be used in our own systems.

Absolutely, its what they are there for.

Even your simple samples look complicated and there is a javascript wrapper object in there - why?

All the samples are demonstrations of what can be achieved with ScriptX.

Although using jQuery with even the simple samples is more than is needed (and they could at first glance be written very easily without the wrapper object or jQuery), jQuery does provide for clearly separating the function from the presentation. The wrapper object hides some variations between versions of ScriptX.

I want to print labels from a web page - will ScriptX do this

Yes. Please see our raw printing support if you are working with a label printer such as those from Zebra. With our raw printing, you can send ZPL/EPL directly to the printer.

My web application is developed in Visual Studio using ASP.NET - will ScriptX work?

ScriptX is a client side ActiveX control, so you need to add the object tags into the html to be delivered to the client browser. How you do this is entirely up to you, so for example, if you are using ScriptX on a number of pages you might want to author the required object tags in a master page. We recommend that you store values such as the license revision and the path to the license file in the site web.config file and take the values from there when generating the tags. In this way, when the license is updated you do not have to touch any page code.Our samples system is developed with ASP.NET MVC 3 and jQuery.

The print dialog is always displayed when I print, even when I request no prompt

ScriptX printing will always prompt when called in the context of Internet Explorer's Internet Security Zone. This is done to prevent anonymous Internet content invoking printing without a prompt.

For the My Computer, Local Intranet and Trusted Sites Security Zones promptless printing will work. If you need promptless printing for the Internet Security Zone, you should obtain a publishing license that will bind the deployment of ScriptX to the URL addresses from which you want to serve ScriptX-enabled content.