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Please post your comments and suggestions there, together with script snippets to illustrate any problems you may be encountering with our products.MeadCo staff are there on a daily basis, so we or other visitors should be able to reply to you reasonably quickly.

We're not too fussy about top or bottom posting -- as long as it's obvious what your post is about or which is the issue that you're replying to, then any style is OK -- but we would appreciate it if you would keep things polite and positive.

In particular we'd like you ask you *not* to post huge graphics or attachments on the groups ... if we need to see those we'll ask you to send them to us off-group.

Our current licensees are entitled to unlimited direct-to-company email support so should use that route first for any specific issue before posting to the newsgroups.

But everyone is welcome and is encouraged to contribute.

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