A standard ScriptX license provides total control when printing html documents from client and server computers running Microsoft's Internet Explorer (IE) browser.

For those users with specific, additional needs, Mead & Co has developed a range of powerful added cost options for ScriptX. These provide specific functionality that enhances control of browser-based printing and have been created to further improve ScriptX’s efficiency and ease of use. These are all priced in addition to a ‘base’ ScriptX publishing license.

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Enhanced PDF Working

Provides a high degree of programmatic control over the printing of web-based Adobe Acrobat documents through Microsoft Internet Explorer clients within the enterprise. No Adobe software is required on the client machine.

Enhanced formatting

Provides print formatting capabilities - such as text and graphics in HTML headers and footers - that are significantly more flexible and powerful than Internet Explorer's standard offering.

Direct (RAW) printing

Allows printing to programmable devices such as thermal label and bar code printers by sending strings of control codes directly to the printer from browser-hosted content and linked files.

Silent license installation

Bypasses the publishing license's mandatory display/acceptance routine which occurs the first-ever time a user visits a licensed address. This option pays for itself on larger intranets by minimising calls to Support.

Licensed locations

The licensed locations (URLs) from which standard and these stand-out features are available can be extended at any time.