Licensed Locations

The licensed locations (URLs) from which licensed features are usable can be extended at any time.

Licensed locations are available in blocks of 10 with the initial license including a single block of 10. There are additional costs for more blocks, as described below.

Additional discrete root address masks (10)
Additional blocks of 10 root URLs (beyond the 10-entry entitlement of a 'standard' client-side license) are available @ $500 per block.

Additional root domain address masks (each)
Additional root domain client-side address masks are available @ $1500 per entry.

Additional computer names (10)
Additional blocks of 10 computer names (beyond the 10-entry entitlement of a 'standard' server-side license) are available @ $500 per block.


One of these options will automatically be selected when you complete the order form.

If you already have a license and need additional locations then please contact support on about adding and removing locations. If you remain within your current block allocations, such amendments are free (no service charge). A charge wil be incurred if you need additional blocks.