“We've been using ScriptX for five years now in the heart of our internet application. I don't know what we would have done without it. Our implementation using ScriptX allows for an extremely sophisticated application that manages documentation and information flow for the shipping and warehousing industries. The use of ScriptX allowed us to leapfrog our competition by a significant margin”.

Antony Tyshuk, Chief Technology Officer, Exportfile.com


“ScriptX has enabled the Sytner web application to have the same kind of functionality on paper as on it does on the screen. It is a very useful tool and one which the website could not do without.”

Simon Maltby, Project Manager, Sytner.co.uk


"ScriptX has turned out to be an excellent product, solving all our Intranet printing requirements."

Stephen Neal, Senior Developer, NFU Mutual


“We provide robust enterprise-level printing solutions to companies including the Random House Group and Faber & Faber. With up to 1000 active users this would be impossible without ScriptX.”

Carl Meek, Technical Director, www.virtusales.com


“We’ve used ScriptX for four years now and it has allowed us to provide a more robust web based printing solution to 3000 clients, effectively reducing business response times.”

Brian Faskin, Lead Developer, Bank of Scotland


"We use Scriptx to control the printing requirements of our web-based application at all points throughout the company WAN. It is an excellent solution - the right information gets delivered to the right place."

Paul Grant, Head of Technical Operations, FX Currency Services Ltd


“We've been using ScriptX for the past 4 years in a critical application for Health Care. We use it to improve the usability of our application and meet the requirements from our demanding users. Being the direct contact developer, I'm very pleased with the support from ScriptX. Thanks for the good work!”

Lusia Li, Senior Programmer, Duke University


“Since 1999 ScriptX has been the primary print technology driving our Intranet systems. It’s reliability and flexibility have never been an issue. Well done ScriptX.”

Mike Southern, IT Manager, Invensys Pensions


"You should consider us as one of your success stories. We are the only browser based dietary menu/production/purchasing application and are servicing approximately 1200 nursing homes, hospitals, senior feeding programs and institutional foodservice operations in the US and Hawaii.

This has given our customers the ability to write their own menus and print them in house. We also tie patient/resident data and print daily traycards (like a receipt in the resaturant showing what they ordered). We have over 20,000 people printed out every day.

I can't imagine the overhead headaches of pdf files when HTML and the IE browser printing capabilities are so good when complemented by ScriptX."

Joe Venezia, Martha Gregory & Assoc., Inc.


"You have a great product, I am using it currently in half dozen applications.

You might be interested to know that in the future, every US Federal bid for supplies and services electronically submitted will be printed out using your component. Some Senators heard about the system I am building and called my client to Washington to hear about it."



"One of my clients is a law firm with 80+ offices and hundreds of employees throughout the United States. Depending on their requirements, we have to do PDF, Excel, DOS Text or HTML reports in web based applications.

Surprisingly, the hardest reports at first were web based HTML legal landscape.

Without overriding web security settings, we had no way to control network printers for legal landscape reports until we discovered ScriptX. ScriptX was the only system we found that Microsoft trusts to control network paper orientation and trays from web based applications.

Our users can print ScriptX reports from our custom web based apps in their desktops or even browsers in their remote desktops. ScriptX has no problems controlling paper trays on our long list of corporate printers. We can set up ScriptX reports and print them in offices a thousand miles away.

Another cool trick is that ScriptX can print to pdf printers to produce flawless pdf reports. It used to take us days to program pdf reports. Now we just use simple HTML commands and set up ScriptX in a fraction of the time. When printing, users choose their pdf printer instead of their office printer. PDF reports can then be attached and emailed to clients.

Our reports can be hundreds of pages long. To reduce the printing, we give users choices. For example, we provide dropdowns by office with print icons. A user has choices to print selected office or print all offices. Users can even select specific pages to print. ScriptX quickly builds and handles the huge load of pages even when we print all.

Windows HTML printing vs ScriptX HTML printing is worlds apart. Windows printing usually look unprofessional. Report grids break across pages. ScriptX breaks report grid lines perfectly. Plus you can have custom headers and footers. Paper choices and paper orientation give you more flexibility for large reports. What used to be our hardest reports to build became our easiest reports.

Meadco's technical support is superior. Last year, the law firm changed domain names. MeadCo immediately provided us with free support and converted our license to the new domain. Many companies would have charged us for a new license.

On another occasion, our license expired which meant our web printing was down. MeadCo got us up and running within minutes and trusted us to send the payment. Our tech support questions are always answered promptly.

Wish all software companies would follow the stellar example of MeadCo. ScriptX is a fantastic product with incredible support. No wonder Microsoft endorses them.

BJ Mattarella, Visual Data Systems, Inc.