Direct (RAW) Printing

The Direct (RAW) printing option has been specially created to allow printing to programmable devices such as thermal label printers. It bypasses the Internet Explorer print engine to enable sending EPL or ZPL control language or strings of printer control codes directly to the printer.

This brings many specialist printing scenarios to web based applications that are hosted in Windows Internet Explorer or applications using the Windows Web Browser platform.

Hundreds of organisations rely on ScriptX to print mission critical labels. Making this process simple, straightforward and efficient for users is vital to avoid wastage and speed up printing.

Benefits of Direct (RAW) printing

Technical specifications

The following settings and methods are available:


NOTE: RAW Printing is not supported in any form of usage outside of Internet Explorer.


Raw Printing Technical Reference


Label Printing Sample


The following simple but complete example shows how to print a label to a Zebra printer:


<!-- MeadCo Security Manager - using evaluation license -->
<object viewastext style="display:none"
  <param name="GUID" value="{370000ED-D40C-43D4-B3D3-F2E7D2EFF47D}
  <param name="Path" value="sxlic.mlf">
  <param name="Revision" value="0">

<!-- MeadCo ScriptX -->
<object id="factory" viewastext style="display:none"


function printLabel() {
  var p = factory.rawPrinting;

  p.printer = "Zebra  LP2844-Z"
  p.printString("^XA^FO50,50^ADN,36,20,^FDScriptX RawPrinting^FS^FO50,100^ADN,36,20,^FDMead & Co^FS^XZ");




Direct (RAW) printing is a cost-option which can be enabled on a 'standard' client-side license for ScriptX 7.0 onwards for an additional fee of $500.

To add this option to your order, please check the 'Direct (raw) printing ' option on the order form. If you already have a license then please contact support on about adding it to your current license.