Silent license installation

For security reasons installing ScriptX requires users to manually accept licensing conditions that are displayed the first time they visit a licensed address or page. When rolling out ScriptX across thousands of client computers, this can increase calls to support from unsure users concerned about security.

The Silent license installation minimises support calls by auto-installing licenses within the enterprise, without the need for the user to become involved. It defeats the publishing license's mandatory display/acceptance routine, saving IT support call and increasing efficiency. It solely works on internal web addresses and for security reasons cannot be enabled on those licenses whose validation list includes any publicly-accessible Internet addresses.

Please note that Silent license installation has no effect on the standard installation of the ScriptX software from We have no code on a user's machine on their first-ever visit to ScriptX-enabled content, so the download and installation of the ScriptX binaries has to be handled by Internet Explorer's standard Authenticode security mechanism. However, as a licensee you also have access to the ScriptX Licensee Resource Kit which includes both MSI based installers and a merge module to enable distribution and installation of the software by means appropriate to your organisation.

Benefits of silent license installation


Silent license installation is a cost-option which can be enabled on a 'standard' client-side license for ScriptX 7.0 onwards for an additional fee of $500.

To add this option to your order, please check the 'Silent license installation (Non-public only)' option on the order form. If you already have a license then please contact support on about adding it to your current license.