ScriptX Win9xNT/NT Maintenance Mode Binaries


Development of ScriptX post- June 2008 does not support the Microsoft Windows 9x/Me and Windows NT Operating Systems. We recognise, however, that some customers continue to use these operating systems and we will therefore continue to make available the ScriptX binaries for them.

ScriptX version 6.3.437.x and later will not support Microsoft Windows 9x/Me or Windows NT.

ScriptX version 6.3.436.x will be maintained to offer continued support of Microsoft Windows 9x/Me and Windows NTonly and Windows Internet Explorer v4 through to v6. New features will not be added beyond the 6.3.436 feature set.

You may wish or need to deploy the latest version on any remaining groups of Windows 9x/Me/NT systems that you may still have operational in your organisation.

This page provides access to the latest Maintenance Mode version of ScriptX (6,3,436,32). You are welcome to install these versions on your Windows 9x/Me/NT systems only.

NOTE: later versions of ScriptX will NOT install onto these systems. You will therefore need to arrange to deliver specifically-edited ScriptX-enabled content to these machines.


On use with

To deploy this new version of, download it and copy it over *every* existing copy of on the servers from which this specific content is being delivered.

Download version:

Then update the Codebase versioning on ALL your edited ScriptX-enabled pages to read:


Also please make sure that the 'Codebase' attributes on ALL your edited documents are 'pointing' to the location of this new copy of



Admin pre-installation with smsx.exe

Note: The logged-on-local-admin-*only*-to-run installation executable for 6,3,436,32 may be downloaded should your admins want to individually pre-install the binaries on each client machine:

Download smsx.exe version:

Pre-installation from smsx.exe is the recommended deployment method for your remaining Windows 9x/Me/NT systems.


v6.3.436.32 Added
  • Legacy mode support for 2009 signing certificate.
v6.3.436.30 Fixed
  • Removed dependency on msi.dll during installation or registration.
v6.3.436.27 Fixed
  • Issues validating license files on some OS configurations.
v6.3.436.25 Fixed
  • Issues running License Manager and OwnQueue() based printing on some foreign language systems.