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ScriptX print utility message

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aaron.auld posted this 23 November 2015

We have encountered a problem with rolling out Script x to our pc fleet. So what’s happening is that as soon as the install is finished, it opens a web browser running under the account of the person who ran the installer (which is a hne administrator) – so when you are running the installer yourself you will see the readme web page display as normal. What all non admin users are seeing is a pop up saying “hey, Internet Explorer is running under this other account and it wants to show you something – do you want to see it?”


This problem will be resolved if you can provide a way to bypass the popup that calls the readme file. Can you tell me how this can be done please

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Jerry posted this 23 November 2015


Hi Aaron


Sorry, it was FAR too early when I wrote my last reply (now deleted to avoid confusion).


ScriptX.msi does *not* fire a readme.


The only time that happens is when you run the resource kit's .msi ... which in any event does *not* install the binaries.


The kit is a developer's resource that simply copies installation resources to a /redist/ folder.


It's pointless to redistribute it across all your client boxes, because it won't install what you want.


In a separate post I have sent you our latest binary installation instructions (no 'readme' in sight!)




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