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Monitoring License Expiration

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bkphysics posted this 03 March 2017

I'm not sure if anyone has ever really attempted this, but we would like to create a proactive monitor for when a license expires (ScriptX) and I having a hard time determining the best way to go about it.  Our primary monitoring tool is SCOM, and generally we would leverage scripts or probes to query a registry entry or parse a license file for the expiration date.  The problem with the ScriptX file is it's hashed so I can't simply read through it via a script.

Anyhow, what would be the best way to get the days remaining on the license?  I know the MeadCo.SecMgr object can be leveraged, but I'm pretty sure that requires elevated privileges to get the object instansiated.  Is the license info stored in a registry or anything like that?

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Jerry posted this 06 March 2017

Answered via licensee support.