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Detecting ScriptXtra

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jmsewe0 posted this 21 August 2014

We have a working version of our site using the scriptxtra plugin.  However, we need to prompt users to download the scriptxtra msi to be able to run the application as intended.  Do you have any specific examples on how we would detect if the scriptxtra plugin is truly installed?

We dont want to necessarily install the plugin for all users, but the detection would be huge!

Thanks for any info.



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Jerry posted this 22 August 2014

Hi Josh

You needs to check if the plug-in is listed in navigator.plugins (an object provided by the host browser .. firefox/chrome etc) and if it isn't display a suitable UI or whatever.


Note that there is a change in behaviour in Firefox 29 and later.


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Jerry posted this 23 August 2014

We now show one way to do this in our samples. Fire up (say) this one:


in Firefox and View Source to see that.



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