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Cannot upgrade to ScriptX (7,6,0,10 ) without smsxw.msi

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silserv posted this 25 August 2015


I am trying to upgrade to the latest release of ScriptX on a Windows Server 2008 R2 running Remote desktop services.

During the install process, the installation fails with an error that it needs a file named smsxw.msi to proceed. I am guessing this is associated with the previous version. However, we cannot find the original installer and do not have access to that MSI file.

After some initial research I found a suggestion to rename the scriptx.msi file to smsxw.msi but unfortunately this did not resolve the issues.

Any ideas on where I can access the original installer or how to resolve the install issue?



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Jerry posted this 26 August 2015

HI Noah


If the appended instructionms dot help, come back to me on the suppor email address (feedback) and we'll work through a 'clean up'













The latest 32-bit .msi-based hotfix release packages are here:





Both packages contain the same bits, and these days the MANDATORY requirement for local admin privileges is identical regardless of whether you choose an online install ( or local (ScriptX.msi).




Please note that you can access these files from our site, but you shouldn't deploy them from there.




Download whatever you need and deploy them from your own servers.




FYI, here's the boilerplate for the local install:










Please do this (EXACTLY, in full, no workarounds available):




Log on to your PC(s) with full local computer administrator privileges:








**VITAL**: this will NOT work if you don't do this, or have someone else do it for you.




Please do NOT proceed past this point without access to local admin privileges (i.e. someone must be logged on as a member of your PC's computer administrator user group. NOT 'domain' or 'virtual' or 'remote' or any other sort of admin, this must be *local*).




If you are not the administrator for your machine you will need to contact your systems administrator for their help.












Run this file:





(Remember that you should right-click on the .msi file, choose 'Properties' and then on the 'General' tab click the 'UNBLOCK' button and then click 'OK' to allow the binaries to install correctly.)




This will install the current release of ScriptX.














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silserv posted this 26 August 2015

Thanks Jerry. I will give these steps a try and let you know.

- Noah