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Installation popup in browser

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bhanu posted this 21 September 2018


 We use internet explorer (IE11 and above) to access a web based application which uses MeadCo ScriptX addon to print labels. We get a message asking us to install the addon each time we start up and access the web page. How can we make the addon install only once for the browser. Can some one help on this. Thank You

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Jerry posted this 22 September 2018



If the content's codebase is pointing at the correct version of then this will be a one-time event for a logged-on local admin. 


If there's a version mismatch between the content's codebase string and the version of the installer package it's pointing at, then that could be causing your issue..


You can choose to make a pre-install (local admin task again) on each PC by running the current release of ScriptX.msi:



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