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Intermittant Print Dialogue box showing with automation

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robbyb posted this 09 December 2015

Without being able to go into great detail of how our automated application works I will try to explain the problem. A html link is sent to a helper program that calls scriptX. This works and prints 75-80 percent of the time without issue. Occasionaly though the windows print dialogue box pops up. If I ok that dialogue it then opens a second print to file location dialogue. Again ok'ing allows the next job through but that documents print job is omitted.

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Jerry posted this 10 December 2015



If this is licensed use please take it to me at and we can dig into it further.


If 'free' use, could this be something to do with the fact that 'promptless' priting is not available from every IE security zone, so print prompts will occur if IE 'thinks' (for example) that your content is being served from the Internet zone ?





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petecole posted this 18 December 2015

This issue is resolved in ScriptX 7.7