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ScriptX - formatting issue when printing

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gsit posted this 06 July 2015

Hi ,

We have an MDT deployment environemt and a couple of administation computers in that environment that require ScriptX to print certificates.
All our systems are currently Windows 7 SP1 64bit. And we deploy with MeadCo ScriptX v7.6.0.10(x86) 

Unless we revert back to IE8 we have an issue where the certificate layout is changed once we press the Print Preview... button.
Once we revert to IE8 we no longer see the issue.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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petecole posted this 07 July 2015


What version of IE are you try to use without success?

If you remove ScriptX from the document and use IE Print Preview in that version of IE does it look correct?

Are you using a Doctype declaration and if so, what is it?

Have you recently upgraded ScriptX, in other words were you using a prior version without problems so this is a problem you have encountered with 7.6? If so, what was the previous version?


Pete Cole



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gsit posted this 10 July 2015
Sorry for the delayed response, I've been testing to identify what is causing the issue.
I've setup a vanilla Windows 7 SP1 (x64) install. Installed IE9., then ScriptX 7.6 - It works!
The trouble is, our base installs have Office 2010 installed, so...
I installed Office Proffessional Plus 2010 and the issue was back.
 - I uninstalled Office, rebooted and the issue remains
 - I repaired the ScriptX install and the issue remains
 - I uninstalled (reboooted) and re-installed ScriptX and the issue remains.
The previous version of ScriptX (7.5.0) didn't work, one of the reasons I'm testing with 7.6
We don't control the wesite that requires ScriptX.
 - By viewing the source of the page, in the head section there is a meta tag:
 <META http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8">
By uninstalling ScriptX
 - the site shows an error message and the print button is disabled.
 - using Windows Preview the issue can still be present when page layout/paper size are changed.

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petecole posted this 10 July 2015

So what happened when you installed Office 2010 - did Internet Explorer get updated to a newer version?

When you view source you should see <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC ..... > or simply <!DOCTYPE html> at the top. If they arent there then the developers of the site are try to use IE 5 quirks mode. With IE 11, if no doctype is present then standards mode is assumed. IE 5 quirks mode and standards mode layout content differently.

If everything is 'working' other than the layout of the document the most likely problem is that the developers of the website are still assuming IE 8 behaviour - they need to update their content to work with IE 10+ (fyi, ScriptX doesnt do the actual layout and printing, IE does -- if it doesnt 'work' in IE then it wont work with ScriptX).

Have you tried using the site with compatibility mode? The other (similar) suggestion is to try IE 11 Enterprise Mode ( These are intended to make newer versions of IE render the pages in the old way.


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gsit posted this 13 July 2015

When Office 2010 installs the IE version remains the same, but I have noticed a plguin is also installed.
 - Office Document Cache Handler
 - The plugin is disabled by default, tested both enabled and disabled the issue remains (and once Office is uninstalled the isse remains).

I have testing the office 2010 install first (before IE9) to see if there is any difference: 
- IE8 works fine.
- IE9 install - has issue.

I've also test the compatibility mode too: Issue still remains.

I'ive double checked the source for the doc type in the html - there is not <!DOCTYPE> reference.
 - Since the Doctype doesn't change why does installing office seem to cause the issue? 

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gsit posted this 13 July 2015

Further to my testing:

Vanilla Win7 with IE8 - no ScriptX or Office 2010

 - IE print preview renders page successfully.

Install Office 2010

 - IE8 print Preview issue appears

Install ScriptX

 - Print Preview works fine

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petecole posted this 13 July 2015

Am I understanding right that after you install Office 2010 - in IE 8 print preview has issues, printing is OK. With IE 9 both print and preview have issues?

And, this is without ScriptX.

If Office is not installed, there are no issues either with or without ScriptX.

We are not aware of issues related to IE document layout having installed Office 2010 though I have heard of Office 2013 causing a lot of strange problems (for example VoIP systems start failing).

I suggest you contact the developers of the web site you are using. It may be that they are using content (e.g. vector graphics) that is changed by the install of Office. It very much looks like this is a content authoring problem. The only other alternative I can see is to upgrade to IE 11, not 9 and try enterprise mode - enterprise mode is 'better' than compatibility mode.


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