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Does MeadCo ScriptX Control works in Firefox and Chrome?

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wanda posted this 19 April 2016
I have following code that I have used for many years, it works well in IE, is there a reason why it doesn't work in firefox and chrome and is there work arounds so that for all browsers?
<object id='factory' style='display:none' viewastext classid = 'clsid:1663ed61-23eb-11d2-b92f-008048fdd814' codebase=',5,439,50'></object>
<script defer src='jscript.js'>

<input  type='button' value='Print' onclick='factory.printing.footer = "&b&b&p/&P";factory.printing.Print(true);'>
<input  type='button' value='Page Setup...' onclick='factory.printing.footer = ""&b&b&p/&P""; factory.printing.PageSetup()'> 
<input type='button' value='Print Preview...' onclick='factory.printing.footer = "&b&b&p/&P";factory.printing.Preview()'>


I got this error when it is running in Chrome, seems like it is not recognizing the object's property.
Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token . -- in jscript.js
Uncaught TypeError: Cannot set property 'footer' of undefined - in aspx
Please advice. Your help wouild be greatly appreciated!