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IE 11 hang when print with Scriptxv7.1.0.60

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snowfrost posted this 05 March 2020

Hi ,

Recently we have some policy upgrade to our laptop and when I launched the site that require printing, I will hit the following error : 

'This website wants to run 'MeadCo ScriptX' which isn't compatible with Internet Explorer's enhanced security features. If you trust this site, you can disable Enhanced Protected Mode for this site and allow the control to run' 

and there will be 2 buttons "Run Control" and "Don't Run" . When I click on the "Run Control" button, it will show the Printer windows . However if I click on 'Cancel' from the Print window and back to my website, the window will just hang . 

Below is my code. Any idea why it will hang ? 


function gf_DoPrint() {
  //save existing user's info
  var h = factory.printing.header;
  var f = factory.printing.footer;
  //hide the button
  document.all("printbtn").style.visibility = 'hidden';
  //set header and footer to blank
  factory.printing.header = "";
  factory.printing.footer = "";

   //print page without prompt
  //restore user's info
  factory.printing.header = h;
  factory.printing.footer = f;
  //show the print button
  document.all("printbtn").style.visibility = 'visible';