ScriptX 64-Bit Edition

ScriptX 64-bit Edition brings ScriptX to the increasingly popular world of 64-bit computing. The deployment of ScriptX 64-bit Edition brings the following advantages:

On all Windows 64-bit systems, the default version of Internet Explorer is the 32-bit version, so you should only install ScriptX 64-bit Edition if you have a particular need for this edition, i.e. you are looking for one of the advantages above.


Installation of ScriptX 64-bit Edition is via an MSI installer only. The MSI should be run from the command line, Windows Explorer or standard deployment mechanisms within your organisation.

ScriptX 64-bit Edition is included in the ScriptX Licensee kit. Please contact MeadCo sales for details on obtaining this kit.


Use of the 64-bit Edition of ScriptX is the same as the 32-bit edition; all class IDs and object names are the same.

Notes and known issues: