A Quick Guide to ScriptX 7.5

This article is a quick guide to the features and updates made to ScriptX 7.5.

Line by line information on new features, updates and fixes are available on the full history log.

Do I need to upgrade?

Yes if any of the following apply:

Obviously, you should also update if this release provides new features you need or resolves issues you have encountered (see the history).

Are there any breaking changes?

No there are not. This version of ScriptX will be fully compatible with all your current scripting. If you encounter any compatibility issues, please contact us. Note that if you are upgrading Internet Explorer then some issues can occur because of changes in Internet Explorer, the document/standards mode or the javascript engine rather than ScriptX.

What's new?

ScriptX 7.5 is a maintenance release bringing together all the bug fixes made since the release of ScriptX 7.4.