ScriptX and Windows 10

Windows 10 contains not one but two browsers from Microsoft: Edge and Internet Explorer 11. How will this impact users of ScriptX?

In short, not at all -- continue to use Internet Explorer for your apps and you will continue to be able to provide a first class printing experience to your users.

Edge Browser

The Microsoft Edge Browser does not support ActiveX Controls and as described in a Microsoft Edge blog post at this time does not support any extensibility model.

Consequently, ScriptX and control of the printing process is not supported.

We will closely monitor the development of the Edge browser and its extensibility model. If and when those developments occur we shall be looking at how they can be leveraged to provide scripted control of the print process.

Internet Explorer 11

Internet Explorer 11 ships with Windows 10 as a first class citizen and will continue to be supported for the foreseeable future. Although IE11 will not benefit from the cutting edge improvements that will be delivered to the Edge browser it might be viewed that this is a distinct advantage - IE 11 will provide a stable browser that can be relied upon to provide a first class experience to users in which ScriptX will continue to work and provide the scripted control of printing that is so important in many scenarios.

IE 11 on Windows 10 continues to provide the additional protected modes available in Windows 8.1 - namely Enhanced Protected Mode (x86/Win32) and Enhanced Protected Mode x64. ScriptX 7.6 and later fully support these modes meaning that customers will be able to enable these enhanced security features that provide a safer browser. Note that at the current time Windows 10 continues to ship with Enhanced Protected Mode disabled by default.

While the full functionality of ScriptX is available in Enhanced Protected Mode, there are some requirements placed on installing the components to achieve this:

Please note that none of these limitations apply if Enhanced Protected Mode is disabled.

Edge and IE 11 on Windows 10 work together in the Enterprise

Edge includes full support for Enterprise Mode and the Enterprise mode site list. This easily enables you to allow users to use Edge for browsing the web in the wild-world where Edge may provide enhanced protection to your users and will enable them to experience the latest developments but then seamlessly switch to Internet Explorer 11 for enterprise sites still leveraging productive technology in add-ons such as ScriptX. This Microsoft Edge blog post gives full details and is essential reading.

Transitioning to IE 11

As versions of Internet Explorer prior to 11 are not available on Windows 10 and Internet Explorer 11 will be the only supported version of IE on Windows 7/8.1 from January 2016 you should review IE 11 Enterprise Mode and update all your Windows 7/8 desktops to IE 11 sooner rather than later. ScriptX works with Enterprise Mode and we stringly recommend using it to enable you to transition desktops to the newer browser when you still have apps written for and requiring previous versions of the browser.