Release Versions (stable)
(20 July 2020)

Adds support for printing base64 encoded PDF documents.

  • Printing PDF supplied in a data URL with media type application/pdf and base64 encoded data.

    For example: "data:application/pdf;base64, .. encoded pdf data .."

    This works for both PrintPDF({url: dataUrlValue}) and BatchPrintPDF(dataUrlValue).

(26 November 2019)

If problems are encountered with a license file, please request a re-issue of your license file for complete compatibility with ScriptX 7.8 / 8.x.

  • A license may not verify correctly.
(16 July 2019)

Roll up of hot-fixes since v8.1.0, further bug fixes and updated PDF printing, PrintHTML supports different document standards.

Support for printing PDF in v8 no longer requires a separate installer.

Resource kits are no longer available.

  • Printing PDF - Poor (/wrong) callback error message when download of document fails.
  • Printing PDF - failed when protected mode is enabled.
  • Printing PDF - print settings would be ignored in enhanced protected mode.
  • Printing PDF - prompted print dialog did not have correct paper defaults.
  • Crash on query papersize or source if a general error occurs in the printer driver.
  • printHtml() with content from file:/// will hang if the file cannot be read.
  • Enhanced formatting would give bad page layout if the first page header and/or footer layout was shorter than the all pages header/footer.
  • Enable print background colours and images did not work with printHtml. (v8 regression)
  • Printing PDF - a crash scenario.
  • Printing PDF - printed pages if the simple range start page is after the last page in the document.
  • Regression 8.1 - printhtml() of content may paginate/format differently to prior versions.

    Version 8.1 introduced the ability to print modern content with the printHtml() API and the html:// pseudo protocol (which does not work with v7). However, this default new implementation broke printing of content that relied upon the quirks of the v7 implementation.

    Version 8.2 introduces the following:

    • When printing a downloaded document if the host document is in IE 11 edge mode then printHtml() will be enabled to print modern content. If the document does not print properly then change the host document to use an older document mode and printHtml() will then use the pre ScriptX 8 way of working, alternatively:

      • The use of pre ScriptX 8 behaviour can be forced using the url4:// pseudo protocol.

    • When printing dynamic content using the html:// pseudo protocol then the pre ScriptX way of working will be used unless the dynamic content starts with <!DOCTYPE html>, or:

      • The support of modern standards can be forced using the html5:// pseudo protocol.
      • The use of pre ScriptX 8 behaviour can be forced using the html4:// pseudo protocol.

    Please note that all jobs in a queue will use the same mode of working. The mode can be changed if the queue is empty. The PrintHtmlEx callback on a job being queued will report the mode of the queue.

    A license may not verify correctly.

  • Support for printing PDF no longer requires a separate installer - ScriptX 8 now installs all components in the same way as ScriptX 7.
  • New PDF printing library which fixes some print output issues. However, issues remain. Please fully evaluate documents to be printed print as required.
  • Printing PDF - improved consistency of behaviour between PrintPDF() and BatchPrintPDF().
  • A printed PDF document is no longer scaled up to fit the page, only shrink scaling is used if it is required to fit the document to the page.
  • Batch Printing PDF - when request shrink (large pages) to fit, enable autorotation of pages.
  • All modules signed with updated Authenticode certificate.
  • Resource kits are no longer available - see the website for deployment etc. details. Licensees should use the my.meadco service to download any required components.
(09 March 2018)

ScriptX 8.1 provides fixes.

  • Potential crash when verifying a license file.
  • The PDF Printing extension could not be removed if ScriptX had already been removed.
  • Printhtml() used the wrong settings if the document takes a very long time to load.
  • PrintHtml browser emulation level not set by x64 installer.
  • All code signed according to the latest standards.
  • No longer updates registry for print settings unless value of printBackground is changed.
  • Fully verify a printToFile operation is likely to succeed and not fail due to lack of permissions.
(20 January 2017)

ScriptX 8 is designed for Internet Explorer 11.

ScriptX 7 continues to be supported for other browsers: Internet Explorer 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10.

  • SetPrintScale() with a negative value will enable ScaleToFit and set the minimum scale factor that will be used.
  • Peruser versions of cab installers (for licensees).
  • Unable to preview the correct frame content when ScriptX instantiated deeper than one level.
  • BatchPrintPDFEx() failed to report download failure.
  • PrintPDF reported an error when user cancelled a print save as dialog.
  • Crashed when change printer using PrintSettings()
  • Use of PrintSetup and change printer would cause a full reset of settings such as papersize and orientation.
  • User was asked to accept updated license if the new license is used on a domain not present in the old license.
  • Apply() license did not work if the GUID didnt have {}.
  • Some minor issues in cab content declarations.
  • Several fixes for the x64 edition.
  • Removed support for using Adobe Acrobat to print PDF files. It never works with Adobe Reader now. Use enhanced PDF printing.
  • Install pdf print toolkit on demand (enhanced printing pdf files removed from main installer)
  • Added enhanced PDF printing tools installers to Licensee Resource Kit
  • Hard coded absolute scale limit reduced to 10%.
  • Removed templates supporting legacy browsers.
  • TypeLib v8 means apps must be recompiled.
  • Removed legacy interfaces from Security Manager. New typelib version 8.0
  • Removed legacy interfaces from ScriptX Factory. New typelib version 8.0
  • Removed legacy interfaces from TriPrint Component. New typelib version 8.0
  • Removed legacy code for working with IE 5.5 through IE 7.
  • Removed legacy code for working on Windows 2000.
  • Removed legacy code for working on Windows XP.
  • Removed MaxiPT (use enhanced formatting).
  • Removed ScriptXtra.
  • factory.GetWindowsVersion() is no longer implemented.
(31 May 2019)

Fixes issues with PDF printing not using specified papersize and paper source.

  • paper size and paper source values ignored by PDF printing.
  • PrintPDF() will use set paper size and paper source.
(17 December 2015)

This version introduces improved license validation that does not require that Root CAs are kept up to date.

This is the last major release of ScriptX to support Windows XP and Internet Explorer up to and including IE10. We will continue to provide bug fixes for ScriptX 7.7.

All hotfixes since v7.6.0 are accumulated into this release.

  • Fix regression : PrintPDF() always prompts.
  • Fix unable to correctly select a papersize when there are multiple matches for the requested name and longer names come before shorter matching names.
  • Intermittent print failures (print dialog appears) under some loaded conditions.
  • PDF printing library update (to 11.15).
  • Tweak improvement to License Manager application screen layout.
(19 June 2015)

This version introduces full support for IE 11 on Windows 10. An upgrade to this release is required for Windows 10.

All hotfixes since v7.5.0 are accumulated into this release.

  • Additional option on PrintPDF({ altRenderer: true })
  • Support for Windows 10 enhanced protected mode with enhanced PDF printing.
  • Out of process batch printing failed with exception.
  • background print job (printHtml) would never recognise complete when print to file and using IE 9 or later.
  • Removed a clash between x86 and 64bit editions enabling them to co-exist more politely.
(18 August 2014)

Maintenance release accumulating all hotfixes since v7.4.0.8.

This release is a strongly recommended update for users of the x64 Edition and those users with issues accepting newly issued licenses.

  • PrintPDF api allows specify black and white printing ({ monochrome: true }) on promptless printing.
  • Context menu print/preview on a frame printed/previewed the whole document not the frame.
  • A scripting error occurred in the template when printing only the selected content with IE8.
  • If 'as selected on screen' selected in preview and then use print, 'selection' is not automatically set.
  • x64 print host not exiting when connections are quiet.
  • printHtml() could hang if the document to be printed never completed loading to a readystate.
  • Server side printing could hang on Windows 8.1.
  • PrintHtml() could hang if an error occured in the print template code - resolved for IE 8 and later.
  • Failed to validate correct signing in some cases leading to access denied errors.
  • Fix print errors on mismatched component versions.
  • Fix pdf form fields on rotated pages did not print.
  • If switch views or scaling in preview, print background is lost if setting is not the default.
  • Script error in preview if scale to fit enabled.
  • Support for latest signing certificate.
  • Not all dlls refused to register after msi controlled install.
  • Remove ActiveX control failed (uninstall using Add/remove programs was correct).
  • PDF Print jobs have a more sensible job name.
  • UniqueId did not work on Windows XP.
  • PrintPDF with prompt now honors pages ranges entered by the user in the print dialog.
  • PrintPDF with prompt now allows print preferences dialog on (more) HP printers.
  • PrintPDF with prompt now uses all parameters specified in the preferences dialog.
  • User mode broker for print settings failed to start in per-user installs of ScriptX.
  • Downloaded PDF files with long names failed to print with Acrobat in legacy PDF print mode.
  • Dlls no longer even partially self-register (legacy cab based installation is no longer supported, cabs must use msi).
  • Evaluation licenses are now distributed by the warehouse.
(09 December 2013)

This version is a required update for correct working with IE 11 Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 IE 11 (desktop) including x86 Enhanced Protected Mode.

This release fixes some issues that were introduced in 7.3.0 and issues with release Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 7.

  • Prints could seemingly hang for a period with IE 8 and then no output at the printer despite indications that the job was complete.
  • The orientation of portrait paper that was wider than tall incorrectly set to landscape. This affected printers such as Dymo Labelwriter.
  • Failed to correctly validate some license settings.
  • Correction for SxS working with old versions of Zeepe installed.
  • PrintHTML() failed (unabled to initialise server) with IE11 RTM on Windows 7.
  • ScriptXtra in Google Chrome failed first time navigate to hosted document if no userAgentSuffix specified.
  • ScriptXtra failed to encode some strings correctly.
  • Improved returning of errors with recent script engines.
(09 October 2013)

This version is a required update for correct working with IE 11 Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 IE 11 (desktop) including x86 Enhanced Protected Mode.

Also included in this release are a significant performance improvement when printing documents that require scaling to fit the page with IE8 and later and the ability to print arbitrary ranges of pages from PDF documents.

  • Enhanced PDF Printing supports giving a list of pages to print.
  • Agent string for ScriptXtra was wrong with browser compatibility set to IE11.
  • Out of process host used in OwnQueue(), server and application printing now registers to use IE11 compatibility.
  • Machine licenses could fail to install without a useful error message.
  • Enhanced formatting. If no first page header/footer defined then any header/footer defined for all pages is used.
  • Enhanced formatting. An error occured if a first page extra footer was defined, but no first page footer.
  • A set orientation was ignored with IE11 Windows 8.1 Enhanced Protected Mode.
  • Win64 typelib registration of print library not optimal for x64.
  • Security Manager unable to read previously accepted license in x86 Windows 8.1 Enhanced Protected Mode.
  • License acceptance dialog looked horrible with IE11.
  • in process printHtml() failed with IE11.
  • Issues with licence validation error reporting in Side-by-side Security Manager for applications.
  • Core IE8+ template performance and reliability improved. If you have been using the BaseEx template, please switch to using this template, i.e. use the default template.
  • ScriptXtra browser compatibility set to v11.
  • New interface for License Manager.
  • Updated processing on validating license files.
  • Performance improvements to Enhanced PDF Printing (library 9.16)
(08 July 2013)

Includes ScriptXtra Plugin (x86) for NPAPI compatible browsers.

All hotfixes since release 7,1,0,60 and some additional fixes.

  • ScriptXtra Plugin
  • WaitForSpoolingComplete() may never complete if it followed printHtml() call and page navigated away from with IE 8 or later.
  • Print not abandoned on exit even if user asked for it to be stopped.
  • page setup settings not restored properly if the scale to fit option is flipped in print preview pagesetup and the print background option set to opposite to default.
  • If pagesetup() was used when the papersize is a rotated form, the orientation flipped.
  • Returned paper dimensions were the wrong way round if the orientation was changed in preview.
  • "Invalid params" error is now returned when a badly formed GUID is given.
  • Email to report a licensing error had a poor subject line.
  • cleansx.exe not recognising when ScriptX installed by more recent MSI installers.
  • Default printer not restored properly on navigate to a new page after script has set the printer to another, printed, then set to the same as default without using it.
  • The correct paper dimensions not returned/used if the printer was changed using the PrintSetup() dialog.
  • Updates for SxS install of ScriptX factory and License Manager.
  • License validation could fail on US locale systems when date formats overridden.
  • Crash with Enhanced PDF Printing when printing to XPS Document Writer and the print is cancelled.
  • A frame in a document displayed using ShowModalDialog cannot print itself when the docmode is IE9 or later.
  • Updates to Enhanced PDF printing.
(14 January 2013)

ScriptX 7.1 introduces a new API for accessing shared printers not listed in the Printers collection in Control Panel, new APIs for accessing version information and improved dialogs from Security Manager that provide clearer information and guidance to users.

A new API is available for obtaining a persistent unique ID.

Internet Explorer 10 is fully supported by this release.

Windows 8 Desktop IE 10 (x86) is fully supported by this release.

Windows 8 Desktop IE 10 Enhanced protected mode (x64) is fully supported by this release, but there are known issues in the browser in Windows 8 RTM and Windows 8 live release that mean this mode may not be appropriate.

Please see the knowledge base article for further details on support for Windows 8.

  • New APIs: ComponentVersionString, ScriptXVersion and SecurityManagerVersion
  • New APIs: paperSource2 and duplex2 - properties that do not throw errors.
  • New APIs: AddPrinterConnection and RemovePrinterConnection for accessing shared printers not listed in the Printers collection in Control Panel.
  • New APIs: UniqueId, ResetUniqueID, IsUniqueIDAvailable
  • License acceptance dialog tweaked to a more modern style.
  • New dialogs for a range of license errors providing more information in a clearer way to users.
  • The Security Manager generic error dialog has a link to a further assistance page on the MeadCo web site.
  • Enhanced PDF Printing now supported in x64 Edition (but does not work with Windows 8 Desktop IE10 Enhanced Protected mode (x64)).
  • Support for Windows 8 Desktop IE10 Enhanced Protected mode (x64).
  • Security Manager is compatible with Windows 8 IE 10 Desktop Enhanced Protected Mode (x64) when per User license caching (the default) is used. Per machine licenses will not be cached on Windows 8 Enhanced Protected mode.
  • Support is now Windows 2000 or later, IE6 or later.
  • Improve handling of margin values when the orientation is changed in preview.
  • OwnQueue() printing failed on Windows 8 when both x64 and x86 editions installed.
  • Correct printer defaults sometimes not obtained when a new printer is set.
  • Improved paper defaults handing.
  • Fix incorrect tlb in x64 edition.
  • A user mode broker may require user permission to execute when both x86 and x64 editions are installed.
  • Invalid meado:// based template names didnt throw an error.
  • License error dialogs threw scripting errors on Windows 2000 (introduced in v7.0).
  • PrintPDF always returned an error with enhanced printing if optional parameters not supplied.
  • Broker needlessly attempting a second validity verification.
  • Framed content that required scaling to fit could enter an infinite loop with the IE7 style template for IE6/7.
  • The selection could not be printed with the IE7 style template for IE6/7.
  • Tweaked print template for IE10 (space between print and close button in preview).
  • The BaseEx template is now usable in all scenarios other than with enhanced formatting.
  • Latest (v9.12) PDF Printing Library.
  • Improvements to enable working in highly locked down environment.
  • Removed deprecated element behaviours.
  • No longer use archaic OS short-names.
  • Slightly faster implementation of printable area.
  • UI brokers and hosts report errors starting the requested resource rather than a silent fail.
  • RawPrinting string convertion to ASCII improved.
(13 February 2012)

Introduces Enhanced formatting for users with IE 8 and later - previously known as MaxiPT (still available), enhanced formatting brings multiline headers and footers to standards based documents and printing of arbitrary page ranges.

The ability to determine the number of pages to be printed (all browsers: printing.TotalPrintPages()).

The background print APIs (printHTML and BatchPrintPDF) now have variants providing progress callbacks.

A new printing.orientation property as string "landscape" or "portrait". The property will swap margins if the orientation is changed, as occurs with the orientation option in the pagesetup dialog. The behaviour of printing.landscape is unchanged, it never swaps margins.

From v7 onwards, ScriptX uses Windows Installer for installation of components for everyone - ScriptX is now always removed via Add/Remove programs.

Supports IE 6 and later, Windows 2000 and later.

  • Enhanced formatting.
  • All installers use Windows Installer.
  • factory.printing.orientation property as string "landscape" or "portrait". The property will swap margins if the orientation is changed, as occurs with the orientation option in the pagesetup dialog. The behaviour of factory.printing.landscape is unchanged, it never swaps margins.
  • PrintHTMLEx() API adds progress callbacks to the 'classic' PrintHTML API.
  • BatchPrintPDFEx() API adds progress callbacks to the 'classic' BatchPrintPDF API.
  • TotalPrintPages method determine the number of pages there will be on the printed output.
  • The hotfixes on 6.6 lost the ability to override msi check during install - reinstated.
  • sxlic.hta now works when 32bit edition installed on x64 systems.
  • Only perform uninstall of cab based ScriptX 6 during installation, not uninstall.
  • Using orientation buttons in preview keeps correct margins when page setup then used. Note that there is an issue in IE 8 and 9 such that if the page setup dialog is used, thereafter margin swap goes wrong with the orientation buttons. This is an IE problem.
  • Leading spaces are now stripped from paper size and paper source descriptions and ignored when setting these properties.
  • BatchPrintPDF will not print using Acrobat on Windows 2000/XP.
  • Margins are corrupted in page setup after dragging margins in preview (affected 6.5 and 6.6).
  • Print/preview of frame failed in IE9 with the MaxiPT template.
  • SetPrintScale() ignored in IE8/9 when printing a frame whose content was wider than the page (scale to fit applied).
  • Enhanced PDF printing fails if the Internet Explorer cache has been protected by Group Policy.
  • Enable batchPrintPDF() API to work in non browser scenarios.
  • Some secured PDF files would not print with the Enhanced PDF printing option.
  • Crashes and failures on Windows 2000.
  • Security Manager and ScriptX factory implementation support isolated usage. For ScriptX, this includes everything except the factory.printing object.
  • Update to PDF print library.
  • License Manager now defaults to installing licenses 'per-user' in the absense of the 'PerUser' parameter. To store licenses per-machine, 'PerUser' must explicitly be set to false.
  • htmlHeader property no longer supported, use enhancedFormatting instead.
  • If the registry DWORD value HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/MeadCo/ScriptX/Shims/<hostexename>/TrackFocus has a 0 value, some dialog intercepting is not performed. This resolves an intermittent issue of the host application window being hidden.

    For example, create the key HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/MeadCo/ScriptX/Shims/MyVB6App.exe and then create the value TrackFocus as a DWORD with value 0.

  • A new template "MeadCo://BaseEx". This template resolves issues with IE 8 and later printing scaled content that includes ActiveX objects.

    As of version 7.3 the use of BaseEx is deprecated, please use the default template.

    To use the template, either add it as a parameter to the ScriptX factory object:

                <object id="factory" viewastext style="display:none"
                <param name="template" value="MeadCo://BaseEx" />
    or, specify the template in script:
                factory.printing.templateUrl = "MeadCo://BaseEx";

    For earlier browsers, the template appropriate for the browser will be used.

    Please note that individual frames cannot be previewed with this template.

    This template should only be used to resolve the specific issue of scaled ActiveX content.

(21 March 2011)

This release is a mandatory upgrade for correct working with IE 9

This is a maintenance release with fixes for a number of issues. All hot fixes since release 6.6.440.20 are included, addressing issues with IE9 Release and installation problems in a number of scenarios.

  • cab based install could give a downloaded program files entry named 'MeadCo Security Manager' rather than 'MeadCo ScriptX Advanced' (affected 6.6).
  • Enhanced pdf printing could fail to print in some circumstances.
  • cleansx utility and MSI installer not always removing legacy installation fully (affected all versions of cleansx).
  • ScriptXUser.msi failed to install (affected 6.6.440).
  • Print/preview frame failed with IE9.
  • ScriptX failed to install on Windows 2000 and Windows XP/SP1 (affected 6.6.440).
  • Added switch to allow dll registration to proceed without pre-checks on systems where the pre-check is very slow (affected 6.4, 6.5 and 6.6).
(19 January 2011)

ScriptX v6.6 introduces a 64-bit Edition for x64 systems, (licensed) enhanced PDF printing and addresses issues with IE 9.

v6.6 is a mandatory upgrade for working with Internet Explorer 9 Beta 1.

  • 64-bit Edition (x64) available [ScriptX64.msi].
  • License info object now includes revision property.
  • ScriptX Corporate Edition includes enhanced and more reliable PDF document printing support - a license is required.
  • Requires IE 8 or later: Added DWORD shim HKEY_CURRENT_USER|HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\MeadCo\ScriptX\Shims\[appname].exe\NoWriteSettings. Example [appname] is IExplore. When non 0, no settings will be written to the registry during prints meaning multiple running threads/processes will not interfere with each other. However, the print page background option cannot be changed from the default.
  • Minor problem with updated Security Manager type library resolved.
  • Now works with xhtml documents (mime typed) in IE9.
  • ScriptX 32bit Edition installed by Windows installer could not be used within a COM+ wrapper (as required on x64 systems).
  • Restored use of document title as job title rather than document url.
  • Unable to use license in application/server scenarious with an interactive account without secreateglobalprivilege.
  • Standards mode documents could fail to paginate when using ScriptX HTML header.
  • Standards mode documents could raise a script error when re-layout due to margin change.
  • 32 bit Edition License Manager entry in start menu had no icon and could intermittently fail to launch the app on WOW64 systems when ScriptX installed by or smsx.exe
  • IE 9 Beta 1 issue: onAfterPrint would not fire - in all document modes.
  • IE 9 Beta 1 issue: WaitForSpoolingComplete() after a printHtml() call would never return - in all document modes.
  • IE 9 Beta 1 issue: 'Unable to locate default printer' error on attempting to initialise ScriptX in IE9 document mode.
  • Trace debug output always available to template code.
  • Removed obsolete .osd file from cabs.
  • Removed unneccesary registry write after page setup dialog cancelled.
  • Security Manager no longer dependent on advpack.dll, uses its own implementation.
  • ScriptX.msi UI modernised.
  • License Manager error dialog includes IE MSHTML.DLL version.
(02 August 2010)

This is a maintenance release with fixes for a number of issues.

As always, upgrading to 6.5.439.72 or later of ScriptX is strongly recommended for correct working with all versions of IE.

  • License manager enhanced domain processing.
  • cleansx helper checks for the presense of installation using Windows installer (msi) and warns if one is found.
  • cleansx helper now works fully on Win64 systems.
  • cleansx helper application now also tidies up the .osd file.
  • Shutdown the template and ScriptX template objects properly when the user closes the preview window directly rather than using the "Close" button - applies to all versions of IE.
  • Documents do not scale to fit properly in edge cases with IE8.
  • Licensed domain names are no longer links in license manager displays and dialogs.
  • Selecting a new printer in Windows Vista or later when protected mode on gave the driver defaults, not the currently chosen driver parameters.
  • factory.onDocumentComplete() can cause browser exit when the DOM is in unusual states.
  • factory.onDocumentComplete() causing (caught) memory exceptions once the event fires.
  • Poor performance when printing frames that require scaling to fit.
  • Initialisation of ScriptX can cause the hosting IE window to pop to the front.
  • Work-around for issue with IE9 preview 3.
  • Internal coding improvements.
(15 December 2009)

This release is a maintenance release with fixes for a number of issues with support for IE 8.

Upgrading to 6.5.439.50 or later of ScriptX is strongly recommended for correct working with IE8.

  • Optional event log entries when a print job fails with IE 8 and will be re-started (to enable, create a DWORD registry value LogPrintFails in the key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\MeadCo\ScriptX\Shims\iexplore.exe with a value of 1).
  • cleansx.exe included in Corporate Resource Kit.
  • Unable to target a different printer to default in some hosting scenarios and when printing XML documents.
  • Intermittent print failure with latest IE8 on slow machines with high loads (blank page syndrome).
  • PageSetup() API loosing page headings and footers settings and could lead to reset of copies and collate values with IE8.
  • Print background colours and images setting lost when change scale in IE8 preview.
  • ScriptXUser.msi now behaves in the same way on all systems for limited rights users (all users on Windows Vista and Windows 7) - it will not remove a cab based install, the msi installation will be halted.
  • Fix PrintSetup() and printHtml() print with prompt ignored the users' copies and collate selections on some Windows Vista systems and Windows 7.
(24 July 2009)

This release is a maintenance release with fixes for a number of issues with support for IE 8.

  • the frame argument for the print or preview methods can now be passed as an object (as before), the object returned by document.getElementById(), or the id of the frame to be printed.
  • Fallback support latest license certificate.
  • MaxiPT unable to print frameset as shown with IE8 when no print dialog.
  • MaxiPT, if Show page selected in preview and printed, the active frame was printed.
  • Copies and collate setting not persisted properly by printSetup() API with IE8.
  • Some internal callback notifications missing in MaxiPT.
  • Some internal callback notifications missing in IE5.5 style template.
  • Notification sequence changed to stop a wait loop exiting too early.
  • Intermittent display of print dialog when silent printing requested.
  • Vista/Windows 7, erroneous failure on QA test.
  • ScriptX Corporate MSI documentation update and clarification.
  • Added work-around for Vista pre-Service Pack 1 bug with per user installs when UAC is turned off - this bug stopped ScriptXUser.msi (in ScriptX Corporate) installing properly with an admin user and UAC turned off.
(27 April 2009)

In addition to fixes for a number of issues, this release introduces support for IE8 final release.

Upgrading to 6.5 or later of ScriptX is required for correct working with IE8.

  • Support for IE8 final release - beta versions of IE 8 are not supported.
  • SetPageRange() fixed to work as documented.
  • onPageSetup not fired for user initiated pagesetup on IE7 or later.
  • onPageSetup incorrectly fired when performing a print on IE7 or later.
  • Correct error message being lost and replaced by licensing error in some cases.
  • onPageSetup not being fired when page setup used in preview with IE7 or later.
  • MaxiPT, erroneous borders on display.
  • Specified template not used by printHtml(), always uses the browser default.
  • Regression bug - fix for margins wrong if Regional Settings' non-Unicode programs setting did not match the main selection in v6.4.438.06 broke IE 6 behaviour.
  • An orientation change by toolbar button in preview was ignored when the document was printed (IE 7 & 8).
  • Improved shutdown sequence of OwnQueue() host process - may aleviate some crash cases.
  • Margin changes from dragging in print preview are persisted in the session (but as with scripted changes, lost when the document is closed).
  • Component broker/host optionally creates a dump on crash.
  • File and product versions aligned for more helpful information in IE 8 Manage Add-ons dialogs.
(16 July 2008)

In addition to fixes for a number of issues, this release introduces Enterprise+ licensing, preliminary support for IE8 and support for Windows 2000 and later only.

ScriptX v6.4 and later no longer support Windows 9x/NT. For maintenance support of these operating systems, please see ScriptX win9xNT/NT Maintainance Mode Binaries.

  • IE 8, the ability to specify the font to use for page headers and footers.
  • ScriptX is now built with the /NXCOMPAT switch indicating compatibility with DEP.
  • ScriptX Client Corporate Resource kit includes smsx(w).cab to provide for codebase driven distribution of the MSI installer.
  • Enterprise+ licensing provides licensing based on computer domain name. Requires Windows 2000 or later, and is only available as part of ScriptX Client Corporate.
  • Version included on License Manager help page.
  • printHtml() can become stuck if a print in the queue fails.
  • Margins wrong if Regional Settings' non-Unicode programs setting did not match the main selection.
  • No longer dependent upon msi.dll during cab-based install or registration.
  • Issues with validating license files on some OS configurations. Fixed problems in the validation of binaries affecting brokers.
  • Security Manager can install perMachine licenses on Vista - this will give rise to the standard elevation prompt for permission. On Vista, perUser licenses are now installed out of the lowRights location so are not reliant on virtualisation.
  • License Manager can now remove perMachine licenses on Vista.
  • Stop a crash if printer details fail to initialise properly. This may (will) result in more "no default printer" error messages.
  • Stop a crash when printing a frame in a complex frame arrangement.
  • Errors not returned properly from SetWebBrowser().
  • Server side printer server not registering properly for multiple use.
  • Inconsistent object naming between .cab installed and msi installed versions.
  • IE 8, any chosen header/footer font is ignored.
  • Windows Installer database fails on Vista.
  • Windows Installer database will now uninstall previous installs that used smsx.exe.
  • .inf based installers (classic now check if there is already a MSI based install and if the user has administrator rights.
  • ScriptX v6.4 and later no longer support Windows 9x/NT. For maintenance support of these operating systems, please see ScriptX win9xNT/NT Maintainance Mode Binaries.
  • Brokers no longer authenticode-check on non-Vista OSs
  • Security improvements.
  • MCPXHost.exe and MCPXUser.exe renamed to MCSXUser.exe and MCSXHost.exe
  • Vista protected mode brokers (MCPXHost.exe and MCPXUser.exe) now have the same version numbers as the main ScriptX modules. Elevated rights broker (MCBroker.exe) added.
  • ScriptX Removal Tool marked as requiring administrator privileges for Vista.
  • Modifications to core template processing to improve behaviour under IE 8 Beta 1 and Vista.
  • Security Manager fallback support for latest certificate.
(29 February 2008)

In addition to fixes for a number of issues, this release introduces printing directly to an attached printer allowing sending of command languages such as ZPL/EPL for Zebra Label Printers, ScriptX Corporate utilising Windows Installer technology (please contact our sales team) and full compatibility with Windows Server 2008.

  • The rawPrinting object provides the ability to send bytes directly to a printer allowing printing to devices such as label printers.
  • Windows Installer based installers and merge modules.
  • Security Manager method for navigating across domains.
  • Print scaling could not be used with printHtml().
  • With IE 7 or later, if Page Setup is used within print preview, scripted configuration of the printer is lost.
  • batchPrintPDF method fails to print anything other than PDF documents and may cause a crash with other document types.
  • Edge case licenses unable to validate properly on Vista.
  • MaxiPT: image urls in html header/footer could not use more than one querystring parameter. To enable multiple parameters, parameters must be delimited with && and processAmpersands set to true in the document rules, for example:

                document.printingRules = {
                diffFirstPageHeadFoot: true,
                allPagesHeadFoot: true,
                pageRange: "",
                printingPass: "all",
                mirrorMargins: true,
                setupButton: "show",
                setupExtraButton: "enabled",
                processAmpersands: true
  • MaxiPT: mixed case relative image urls in html header/footer were not processed correctly and would not print.
  • MaxiPT: Attempting to print large selected area intermitently gave scripting errors.
  • MaxiPT: Unable to print selection from within preview.
  • MaxiPT: "you can only use one copy of ScriptX" error if MaxiPT is specified as the factory object template parameter and the license has not yet been accepted.
  • MaxiPT: unable to print selection.
  • Improved error message if try to get/set property unsupported by the printer (e.g. duplex).
  • On Vista with patched IE 7, refreshes IE broker policies after install.
(23 April 2007)

In addition to fixes for a number of issues, this release introduces improvements for application licenses and the ability to install license updates without requesting permission from the user (this will only occur for updates of an already accepted license).

For printing, this release adds control of the preview zoom factor and, when using the IE 7 style template, the ability to specify the print scale factor.

  • Application licenses can take advantage of clientperiod.
  • Revision upgrades for licenses can install silently.
  • Method factory.printing.SetPreviewZoom() added to provide control over the zoom factor used on print preview. Please see the sample for full details.
  • Method factory.printing.SetPrintScale() added to provide control over the scaling used when printing - IE 7 style template only. Please see the sample for full details.
  • .NET Forms app could not call print preview.
  • Security Manager failed to returned specified default dual interface.
  • batchPrintPDF() failed under IE 7 Vista Protected mode.
  • printHtml() causing crash in unusual circumstances (WinQual report: 36449129).
  • Unable to create printer object or run license manager on some systems.
  • Hang no longer occurs if factory object used in an iframe in an hta and the iframe does not have application="yes" attribute. Printing will not work without this attribute.
  • Failures in creating the printing object were not being reported.
(05 December 2006)

For Vista an upgrade to Script v6.3.434.26 or later is required, this release or later is recommended for IE 7 on XP.

  • Supports x64 versions of Windows in client side Internet Explorer (32bit). ScriptX is 32 bit code and will therefore only work in the 32 bit version of Internet Explorer on the x64 platform.
  • Security Manager errors report the code version number to assist the helpdesk team.
  • IE 7 - "Close" and "Print" button added to preview.
  • IE 7 - "Paginating Preview..." message while performing preview layout.
  • In [optional] slowmode, License Manager would double report errors.
  • Windows Vista - use of OwnQueue() would result in the print of an empty document which was immediately discarded from the queue.
  • MaxiPT - script error in the template if page range defined by print settings javascript object.
  • IE 7 - click toolbar print button to print, print did not use ScriptX settings.
  • Installer smsx.exe failed under Win2K (introduced in #434.12).
  • Print preview/printing of scaled to fit frame using IE 7 style template was unreliable (would print 100% on occasion).
  • Printing frame using IE 7 template did not give scaled to fit output.
  • IE 7 - if margin measure changed from system default, use of page setup dialog would corrupt margins.
  • IE 7 - print preview use of page setup would corrupt margins if margin measure changed from system default.
  • IE 7 - print preview use of page setup - changes to printer and/or paper size/source not peristed across usages.
  • IE 7 - print preview of frame gave corrupted display if paper size, orientation, etc changed or window resized.
  • IE 7 - rather nasty flicker when preview frame.
(01 October 2006)

This release is for Internet Explorer 7 on XP compatibility. When using Internet Explorer 7 on XP or Vista an upgrade to Script v6.3 or later is required.

  • MaxiPT object deprecated (but continues to be supported) - use the template parameter instead...
  • ScriptX object has a new parameter 'template' with value being the url of the custom template to use. This is a licensed feature, other than for the following special 'urls':

    MeadCo://IE55The IE 5.5/IE 6 style template
    MeadCo://IE7The IE 7 style template - note free usage on all versions of IE 5.5 or later.
    MeadCo://DefaultThe default template for the IE version in use, i.e. the template matches the browser version. This is the default behaviour.
    MeadCo://maxiptThe MaxiPT template (requires a license).


                <!-- ScriptX Control: Use IE 7 template for all IE browsers -->
                <object id="factory" style="display:none" viewastext
                <param name="template" value="MeadCo://IE7" />
  • IE 7 style template available for all IE versions 5.5 and later.
  • Frames can now be previewed - see the advanced and frames samples. Previewing a frame is a licensed feature and requires the IE 7 style template.
  • If a template is specified to ScriptX then the print object is initialised so that the template takes effect.
  • printHtml() causes crash on Windows NT 4 (bug introduced in 6.2.433.70).
  • Compatible with Vista Internet Explorer DEP enabled (Advanced Settings|Enable memory protection).
  • A hang was caused if page navigated away from (after user confirmation) while a printHtml() call still processing and that printHtml() had not yet reached an initialised state.
  • Crash during window unload if the object had unloaded prematurely (WinQual Report 305474323).
  • A scripting error in the document loaded by printHtml() could cause printing to hang.
  • Now more lenient on determination if paperSize is given by the printer driver - solves some scripting problems when switching printers.
  • Print job status text was empty if job has only one status.
  • If user manually changes page setup, the page footer text is lost. [introduced in release 6.2.433.70].
  • Licenses containing approved object classids do not display correctly in license acceptance or License Manager applet if any of the listed classids are not valid on the machine.
  • Out of process components use MCPXHost.exe as hoster rather than rundll32.exe - ScriptX processes now easily identified in task/process listings.
(01 June 2006)

This is a maintenance release

  • McAfee VirusScan interferes with license acceptance dialogs.
  • Per User licenses were not listing in License Manager when the license was accepted on Vista IE 7 running in protected mode.
  • Security Manager reporting wrong error message on APIs if Zeepe is not installed.
  • Closed potential vulnerabilities.
  • A number of APIs that required a license were silently failing when no license was present rather than explicitly reporting license required.
  • printHtml() using a direct string with the html:// psuedo protocol could cause a "Server threw an exception" error.
  • Use of MaxiPT template caused IE window to drop to back in the z-order after printing.
  • Security Manager licenses could not be accepted if IE 5.0 was installed and Zeepe was also installed.
  • License Manager applet not listing licenses with IE 5.0.
  • License Manager UI links not working.
  • Security Manager never uses Zeepe implemented dialogs, even when Zeepe is installed.
  • Removed unused legacy code.
  • Printing host (printHtml) removed redundant code, the host now uses enhanced security under XP SP2 and later.
  • MCPrintX.htm custom template is no longer installed to the Windows /Help/ folder - templates are obtained from resources.
  • Single installer always installs all components.
  • Improvements in License Manager UI. Always uses own UI even if Zeepe is installed.