ScriptX Samples

ScriptX is continually under development, with not only fixes for faults but with new features taking advantage of the evolving web browsing platform from Microsoft.

The samples too continually evolve as a result of feedback from customers. Many samples are based on real-world examples of ScriptX usage.

All our samples now make extensive use of jQuery. This aids in clearly separating the function in script from the presentation of the document.

We provide two sets of examples:


The Basic samples use only the free sub-set of ScriptX functionality, bit never the less illustrate the power, flexibility and end-user usability enhancement that is provided by deployment of ScriptX on your documents.


The Licensed samples illustrate the full power of ScriptX controlled printing within Internet Explorer, from promptless printing to batch printing of documents both HTML and Acrobat all with control of the printer, paper size and much more.