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MeadCo Publishing License

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Techuser posted this 12 February 2016


I have deployed MeadCo ScriptX v7.7.0.20 x86 using the ScriptX.msi. When running certain task such as reporting, I get a MeadCo Publishing License Popup asking me if I want to allow Advanced Printing. My options are yes, allow and No, disallow. Is there a way to have this allow without any user interaction?

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Jerry posted this 13 February 2016

A 'new' user/visitor to licensed ScriptX-enabled content is usually faced by two prompts:


1/. Binary installation (by logged-on local admin only)


2/. License installation (any grade of user)


Both of these are 'one time' installs, after which that user on that box won't be prompted again.


If you're running ScriptX.msi on each of your client boxes then  1/  won't happen, and  2/  should only happen once.


As a licensee you may have access to the 'SIlent' license installation cost option.:


Maybe contact me on with the GUID value of your license and we can discuss revising it to give permission for 'Silent'



Post Edited 13 February 2016