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with KB4022715 and frame-page, I can't use ScriptX.

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Jerry posted this 30 June 2017


Yes, thanks, so there we are.




On June 14th Microsoft released buggy software which broke the printing of framed content in IE 11.




We very quickly released hot fixes to get our licensees and their customers out of trouble.




Microsoft released their final fix three days ago.




Thus this is no longer an issue.




GOOD!! Thanks everyone for working with us on this, and apologies for my occasional bad temper.


Post Edited 03 July 2017

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tnbutterfly82 posted this 02 July 2017

It's completely understandable, Jerry. I work in customer support and understand how stressful things can get when you've got problems coming at you from all directions. Thanks for staying on Microsoft to get this fixed. My employer and our customers appreciate you!