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renatsak posted this 23 December 2015

It's been a month since I first encountered problem with the massive printing of files.

To put it more accurately, I daily send a list of files to be printed.The majority of files are printed normally.

However,sometimes a minor quantity of them (10 out 100, or 4 out of 1000, or 1 out of 15 files-it is random) are printed incompletely.

Part of the information is ommited.When I retry to print it seperately, it is always printed accurately and completely.

I face this problem twice a week and I need immediately your help in order to solve th problem.

The version of MeadCo I use is v7.1.0.60(x86).


Thank you for your helap in advance




I encountered problems with the massive printing

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Jerry posted this 23 December 2015

Is your licensed or free use?


If licensed, please move this enquiryt to me on