Installing ScriptX for Applications

If you are making use of the Basic (free) features of ScriptX then the ScriptX Developer Resource Kit contains the installers you need. If you are a licensee and using Advanced features of ScriptX then the Licensee Resource Kit provides more options and is available from our licensee portal.

To install ScriptX for use by an application there are several possibilities:

Stand-alone installer

The stand-alone installer can be run separately by users or distributed by the usual mechanism through your enterprise.

As a pre-requisite

You may run the stand-alone installer as a pre-requisite within your own installer.

Include with your own app installer (Advanced use)

The ScriptX Licensee Resource Kit includes a merge module that you can use within your own application installer (.msi).

Required privileges

The ScriptX stand-alone installer is available in two packages:

ScriptX.msi (Basic and Advanced)

This package requires administrator privileges on the local machine and installs ScriptX for all users of the PC. On Windows Vista or later an elevation prompt will occur during the install if UAC is enabled.

ScriptXUser.msi (Advanced use only)

This package will install ScriptX for the current user only. On Windows Vista and later no elevation prompt will occur.


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