Test and validation kit

The ScriptX Server Side Test and Validation kit is only available to licensees. The kit illustrates different techniques (including Classic ASP) and helps to test and validate the installation.

To obtain the kit, please log on to the My MeadCo portal with your account, then choose the Add-ins tab from the Downloads menu.

The Server-side test/validation kit installs a web site with samples and examples for testing and validating the installation of ScriptX Server-side use. Sample usage is illustrated in Classic ASP, VB.NET and C#. A re-usuable wrapper class for using ScriptX in .NET is provided.

The kit requires ScriptX v7 or later, Windows Server 2003/IIS 6 or later and ASP.NET 4 or later.

After installing the kit, browse to the installed web site. The installed web site can be opened in Visual Studio 2010.

If you are unable to install the kit for some reason, a zip archive of the web site is available. This can be downloaded and inspected and manually installed if desired. ASP.NET 2 is required to run the site.



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