Installing Enhanced PDF Printing on Client PCs

Enhanced PDF printing was introduced in ScriptX v6.6 and has been included in the standard installers.

From ScriptX 8 onwards support for Enhanced PDF Printing is provided in a separate installer for licensees and must be made available to those users who wish to make use of the feature.

On demand installation

ScriptX 8 supports on demand installation of Enhanced PDF Printing when Enhanced PDF Printing is licensed any of the methods to print a PDF file are called (PrintPDF, BatchPrintPDF and BatchPrintPDFEx). When any of these methods is called, ScriptX determines if a license is available and Enhanced PDF Printing is installed and if licensed but not yet installed, downloads and runs the installer.

Making the installer available

The simplest way to make the installer available is to copy it to the same folder on your server as the file.

  • Copy sxPDF-Q.msi from the Licensee Resource Kit to the same folder on your web server as

Alternatively, if you wish to rename the file or store the file in a different location you can specify the location of the file as a PARAM value to the MeadCo ScriptX factory object. For example:

<!-- MeadCo ScriptX -->
<object id=factory style="display:none"
  codebase="http://[your path here]/,3,0,4
  <PARAM name="pdfInstaller" vaue="http://[you other path here]/sxPDF-Q.msi" />

Please note that in either case the user will be required to enable the installation by providing correct details to the UAC elevation prompt.

Pre installation

System administrators wishing to pre-install ScriptX Enhanced PDF Printing over an intranet should run sxPDF-Q.msi on each client machine. This approach is an alternative to having on demand installation the first time a user attempts to use Enhanced PDF Printing and avoids the standard elevation prompt with which a user is normally faced.