Quick start with Visual Studio

If you are using Visual Studio 2010, or Visual Studio 2010 Express or later to develop a web site or web application then the easiest way to start with MeadCo's ScriptX is to install one of the available NuGet packages for MeadCo's ScriptX. These packages jump start your development by taking care of tasks such as ensuring ScriptX is installed and the client side script required to initiate printing or preview.

If you are already familiar with working with MeadCo's ScriptX then the MeadCo ScriptX JS simple wrapper library will be of interest.

But, before going down that route we recommend reading through our documentation on installing and working with ScriptX:

Remember that licensees are entitled to full support via e-mail. We are based in the UK so timezone differences might slow things down a little but we always try and provide responsive and friendly assistance.

If you arent a licensee, please use our forums to get help from your peers (that does include us).

Finally, remember our samples. These are built to latest HTML standards, use the MeadCoScriptXJS simple wrapper library and illustrate most things that are possible with ScriptX (customers do keep coming up with new an imaginative ways of using it too!). Feel free to examine the source to all samples and copy any code that is of use to you.