Specifies the status of the printer, it can be any reasonable combination of the following values.

PRINTER_STATUS_BUSY (0x00000200) The printer is busy.
PRINTER_STATUS_DOOR_OPEN (0x00400000) The printer door is open.
PRINTER_STATUS_ERROR (0x00000002) The printer is in an error state.
PRINTER_STATUS_INITIALIZING (0x00008000) The printer is initializing.
PRINTER_STATUS_IO_ACTIVE (0x00000100) The printer is in an active input/output state
PRINTER_STATUS_MANUAL_FEED (0x00000020) The printer is in a manual feed state.
PRINTER_STATUS_NO_TONER (0x00040000) The printer is out of toner.
PRINTER_STATUS_NOT_AVAILABLE (0x00001000) The printer is not available for printing.
PRINTER_STATUS_OFFLINE (0x00000080) The printer is offline.
PRINTER_STATUS_OUT_OF_MEMORY (0x00200000) The printer has run out of memory.
PRINTER_STATUS_OUTPUT_BIN_FULL (0x00000800) The printer's output bin is full.
PRINTER_STATUS_PAGE_PUNT (0x00080000) The printer cannot print the current page.

Windows 95/98/Me:Indicates the page is being "punted" (that is, not printed) because it is too complex for the printer to print.

PRINTER_STATUS_PAPER_JAM (0x00000008) Paper is jammed in the printer
PRINTER_STATUS_PAPER_OUT (0x00000010) The printer is out of paper.
PRINTER_STATUS_PAPER_PROBLEM 0x00000040) The printer has a paper problem.
PRINTER_STATUS_PAUSED (0x00000001) The printer is paused.
PRINTER_STATUS_PENDING_DELETION (0x00000004) The printer is being deleted.
PRINTER_STATUS_POWER_SAVE (0x01000000) The printer is in power save mode.
PRINTER_STATUS_PRINTING (0x00000400) The printer is printing.
PRINTER_STATUS_PROCESSING (0x00004000) The printer is processing a print job.
PRINTER_STATUS_SERVER_UNKNOWN (0x00800000) The printer status is unknown.
PRINTER_STATUS_TONER_LOW (0x00020000) The printer is low on toner.
PRINTER_STATUS_USER_INTERVENTION (0x00100000) The printer has an error that requires the user to do something.
PRINTER_STATUS_WAITING (0x00002000) The printer is waiting.
PRINTER_STATUS_WARMING_UP (0x00010000) The printer is warming up.


printerControl.status =nStatus


This is a read/write property. The user will require printer administrator writes in order to update the status.

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