Sets the page selection to print. 


printing.SetPageRange(selectionOnly[, from, to])

Parameter Description
selectionOnly if true, prints the highlighted selection only (if there is one) and from and to are ignored.
If there is no selection, all pages are printed.
from The (1-based) page number to start printing from - use 0 to signify all pages should be printed. Only used if  selectionOnly is false.
to The (1-based) page number to print to, used only if selectionOnly is false and from is >= 1

Default behaviour is SetPageRange(false,0)

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See Also

ScriptX v7 provides the TotalPrintPages() method for determining the number of pages that will be printed. With ScriptX 7 enhanced formatting you can  specify arbitrary page ranges, as well as only odd, even or both odd and even pages.

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