Returns the result code for validation of the license.

For a license to be valid, the validLicense property shouold be true, and the value of result should be 0.

Do not test the value of result for the validity of the license, since as will be seen below, 0 can be returned for an invalid license.


r = secmgr.result

This is a read-only property. The values that can be returned are as follows:

value Description
0 If the validLicense property is true, then the license is valid, otherwise the downloaded license failed the validation process for some reason (such as bad site, expired).
1 Only occurs if the path parameter was not given and the license is not already accepted by the user.
-2147220500 Only occurs if a path was given and the license is valid and was displayed to the user and they declined to accept the license.
Any other value Some other error occured that meant the license could not be validated (e.g. download failure). The error has been displayed to the user.

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validLicense, License