Returns an object containing details of the (valid) license applied to the current document.

For a license to be valid, the validLicense property should be true, and the value of result should be 0.


l = secmgr.License

This is a read-only property. The returned object has the following properties:

Property Description
guid (string) The guid of the license
company (string) The name of the company to who the license was issued.
from (date) The date from which the license is valid
to (date) The date to which the license is valid (the expiry date.
revision (integer) The revision number of this license.
domainCount (integer) The number of domains listed in the license.
domain(n) (string) A domain listed in the license.


The following script displays the details of a license:

    function LicenseDetails() {
	    var licMgr = document.getElementById("secmgr");
	    var s = "License details:";
	    if ( licMgr != null ) {
	        s += "\n   GUID: " + licMgr.License.guid;
	        s += "\n   Company: " +;
	        s += "\n   Valid from: " + licMgr.License.from;
	        s += "\n   Valid to: " +;
	        try {
    	        s += "\n   Revision: " + licMgr.License.revision;
	        } catch (e) {}
	        s += "\n   Valid domains:";
	        for (i=0; i < licMgr.License.domainCount; i++) {
		        s += "\n      " + licMgr.License.domain(i);

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validLicense, result