About the .MLF License File

The unique attributes of each publishing license are written out as XML and 'wrapped' in a container which is then signed by Mead & Company's own signing certificate. Security Manager checks the validity of that signing, and if it is found to be corrupt (i.e. if the contents of the license file have been changed or tampered with) then Security Manager will warn the user and not allow the protected content to be run.

The container file is named sxlic.mlf and is your client-side Security Manager publishing license.

Each license has a unique GUID, the revision number will increment with each change or renewal of the license. These details will be provided to you with the license.

Here is an example of an MLF file:

<LICENSE GUID="{66dad620-f085-11d2-b933-002018654e2e}"
 PUBLISHER="Mead & Company"
 FROM="1/1/1999" TO="1/2/2007" 
 <TITLE INFO="info.htm"
    <DOMAIN SUBDIRS="false" NAME="http://local-server/app"/>
    <DOMAIN NAME="http://www.public-server.com/superapp/"/>

For ease of system maintenance it is often preferable to a have single current copy of sxlic.mlf located centrally. The file does not have to reside at a licensed address so long as all your ScriptX-enabled documents are allowed to 'see' it.

Note that the file must be downloadable from your servers and this may require that you register a mime type for the .MLF file type. application/octet-stream is suitable.