The <APPLICENSE> item contains general license information for an application license.

Contains <TITLE> and <PERMISSION>.

Attributes are:

  • GUID: The globally unique id of the license, assigned by Mead & Company.
  • PUBLISHER: The name of the license holder that will appear in the 'Publisher' field of the Security Manager license acceptance dialog. This name must also appear as the version information resource "CompanyName" in the application and within the version information resource "Copyright"
  • URL: The location -- on the Publisher's web site -- of further information about the Publisher.
  • FROM/TO: The period during which the license may be installed for the application.
  • CLIENTPERIOD: The number of days the license will be valid after it is installed. This may extend beyond the validity period of the source license itself. A value of 0 means the license is valid 'forever'.
  • REVISION: The revision number of the license with the given GUID.