Specifies the right margin for HTML print-outs. Cannot be set to be less than the printer's physically unprintable area (unprintableRight), in which case it will be automatically corrected to the minimum allowed value. If left and right margins overlap, they will be corrected to an arbitrary default value of 1/10 of page width.

ScriptX uses the default units of measure of the user's system. In a broad network environment default units are certain to vary (they could be either inches or millimeters) so you may wish to specify a fixed unit of measure with the licensed function SetMarginMeasure.

The rightMargin property is part of the basic freely-distributable printing subset.


printing.rightMargin = numMargin


This is a read/write property.

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Check out the source code of the ScriptX Advanced Printing and ScriptX Techie Printing examples.

See Also

pageHeight, pageWidth,portraitrightMargin, topMargin, unprintableBottom, unprintableLeft, unprintableRight, unprintableTop

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