Executes script in the document containing the <embed /> tag for the ScriptXtra plug-in, i.e. the main host browser.


[vReturnValue=] window.external.execScript(sExpression 
    [, nTimeout=-1]);
sExpression string that specifies the script code to be executed.
sLanguage optional, string that specifies the language in which the code is to be executed. The supported languages are “JScript” and “JavaScript” only.
nTimeout optional. The wait timeout value for the script in milliseconds. Default value is infinity: -1.
vReturnValue the value returned by the script.

Applies To

window.external for content displayed in the ScriptXtra window.


The following sample displays the location URL for the top-level hosting browser.

window.alert( window.external.execScript('window.location.href') );

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