The ScriptXtra add-on provides for a Micosoft Web Browsing Platform Web Browser Control to be embedded in a web page displayed in the host browser.

By suitable css and <embed /> tag attributes, the embedded browser will occupy the whole of the host browser tab content/window and hence appear seamlessy within the browser evironment.

This is the simplest html document for using ScriptXtra:

<!DOCTYPE html>
<style type="text/css">
   margin: 0px;
   padding: 0px;
html, body
   height: 100%; 
<embed width="100%" height="100%"
  LicensePath="http://[your path here]/sxlic.mlf"
  LicenseRevision="[YOUR_LICENSE_REVISION]" />

The embed tag specifies the ScriptXtra plug-in via the MIME 'type' attribute which must be "application/x-meadco-scriptxtra-ax".

ScriptXtra uses a number of custom attributes from the embed tag:

contextmenu, behaviormods and userAgentSuffix

The content displayed within ScriptXtra has some properties available to it:

argc, argn, argv, canExecScript, pluginPath, pluginVersionuserAgent, webBrowserPlugin

and a single method: