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JavaScript helper library on NuGet and GitHub

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For those of you updating to ie9

JavaScript helper library on NuGet and GitHub

(created on: 07.08.13)

Once you know what is available, working with ScriptX to achieve controlled printing of html/xhtml documents in Internet Explorer is reasonably simple.

There are some operations that require a few lines of script to wrap functionality into a more usable form - for example:

  • obtaining the list of installed printers,
  • checking that a license has been accepted,
  • checking that ScriptX is available,
  • obtaining version numbers of installed components.

A small JavaScript library is now available on GitHub in source form (open source with an MIT license) or on NuGet as a package that can be installed to ASP.NET projects being developed with Microsoft Visual Studio. The library was developed as part of our samples system that also makes use of jQuery to build the UI. However, the library has no dependency on jQuery.

The library is free to use and deploy, and works with both free and licensed ScriptX. Obviously use of licensed functionality on ScriptX still requires a license.

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