Configuration with a non-interactive account

A typical problem during configuration is "Access denied" errors. When errors occur, always check the event log - access denied usually means what it says, the account making the request is being denied because of access restrictions. If errors make no sense, then a reboot can often solve problems as the settings made are then actually used. If you are still having problems and are doubtful that the problem is to do with DCOM settings, then add the "Everyone" account to default launch and access permissions - if this solves all the problems then it confirms that you have a DCOM security configuration problem.

Configuration is a three step process:

  1. Configuration of the account to use for the IIS worker processes
  2. Configuring DCOM to allow the account to launch and access processes
  3. Configure the identity under which the ScriptX objects should run

Configuration for steps 1 and 2 depends on the version of IIS you are using:

Once those steps are complete, you should then configure ScriptX to use an identity prepared for use with ScriptX


::> IIS 5