Using a specific user account

Running ScriptX Printing under a specific user account removes the necessity for an interactive user to be logged on to the server machine. There is no necessity for the account to be used to have "Administrator" rights. However, it must:

  1. Have a functional default printer available - ScriptX Printing must be able to read the settings of the default printer.
  2. Have access rights to the printer to be used.
  3. Have a properly configured Internet Explorer (in other words, log on to the account and ensure that the web pages to be printed can be accessed).
  4. Have up to date root Certificate Authorities available. If they are not then printing will be slow.
  5. Have "Log on as a batch job" rights.
  6. Have "Create global objects" rights (without this right licensing will not work).
  7. Have (read) access to the the folder where the ScriptX binary files are installed.
  8. Already be in use as the logon identity for a service.

IIS 5 and 6

Please note, for IIS 5 and 6 that if the account to be used is not already logged on, its registry hive will not be used - the "Default User" hive will be used instead.

Although the default hive can be configured with access to the required printer(s), since ScriptX Printing requires read and write access to various parts of the hive (for example to store print header/footer settings) this is not recommended.

The user does not have to be logged in with an interactive account, it can be as a service identity.

If the account to be used for ScriptX Printing is not already in use for a service, it is recommended that a "null" service is used -- see the section 'Profile Loader Service' below for a such a service.


With IIS 7 there is an option for the Identity used for the application pool to load its registry hive when the pool is loaded. If the same Identity is used to run the MeadCo TriPrint Server, then there is no need to use an appropriate service as described above. If this option is not used, then a "null" service must be used -- see the section 'Profile Loader Service' below for a such a service

Configuring Component Identity

To ensure root CAs are available, log on to the account to be used and start MeadCo License Manager. This may be slow on the first use but should be fast there after. If it continues to take in the region of 30s for the app to start then this indicates the root CAs are out of date and are not being updated automatically. Please read our article on root CA update for advice.

To configure ScriptX Printing to use a particular account, use "Component Services" (or DComCnfg) to configure the application "MeadCo TriPrint Server" with the required identity. Also ensure that the required identity is given access permission in default DCOM security.

After configuration, it is suggested to log off any interactive sessions on the server and access the server from another client machine and that all tests are run again to ensure successful operation.

Profile Loader Service

If the registry hive for the configured identity needs to be loaded then a simple service can be used. This service does nothing other than wake-up and then go back to sleep again for 5 minutes so resource consumption is low.

Choose a download for the installation method you prefer (please note that .NET 4 is required to use the installer. If this is not available download the service application and configure it manually):


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