Installing ScriptX Server side / Remote Printing

Installation is a two step process:

  1. ScriptX software
  2. License

When ordering a license, it is strongly recommended that a suitable server is set aside for testing and evaluation and that this server is included in the license - installation and configuration of the components may require several re-boots in order to achieve the settings required in a particular scenario. Following successful test deployment and evaluation, the set of steps and/or configurations necessary for deployment to production servers within your environment/scenario should have been determined and can be repeated.

The license will be supplied as a .zip file containing the installer for the license (sxlic.hta/sxlic.js and sxlic.mlf). You will also be supplied with your unique license identifier (GUID) and revision.

The zip file must be unpacked to a suitable location on a local drive; mapped network drives cannot be used. Please note that for all recent versions of Windows Server and typical configurations, you will need to right click the .zip file, choose properties and then click 'Unblock' before doing this.


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